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Zaalbar was a Wookiee who lived on Taris with his friend, Mission Vao. He was captured by a band of Gamorreans when he and Mission were exploring the Lower Sewers of the Undercity. He swore a life debt to Revan when the redeemed Dark Lord freed him from the slavers.


Zaalbar firing his Bowcaster

Zaalbar accompanied Revan on his quest for the Star Forge all the way until the end. On Kashyyyk he met his brother, who detained him until Revan could kill the "madclaw" living in the Shadowlands, who turns out to be Zaalbar's father.


Zaalbar thrashing a Tusken Raider

Revan later freed Zaalbar from his brother.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Zaalbar with his best friend Mission Vao in Javyars Cantina

Zaalbar was a quiet and shy Wookiee, he would shy away from conversations, like for example:

Revan: Could we talk about something?
Zaalbar: Unless you want someone threatened or a door bashed in, you should ask someone else.

Zaalbar would also sometimes make grenades for Revan from time to time.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Zaalbar was great in most types of combat including: unarmed, blaster rifles, melee, and combat with heavy weapons. He also had Wookiee Toughness, giving him more vitality.

Zaalbar was classified as a Scout. Scouts were the best moderation class to choose from, they were also the only class to get Uncanny Dodge and were able to receive implant feats without having to waste a level up doing so. Zaalbar also got a fair amount of skill points during level ups.


  • Str.: 20 +5
  • Dex.: 13 +1
  • Con.: 20 +5
  • Int.: 10 +0
  • Wis.: 12 +1
  • Cha.: 8 -1

Alternate Endings Edit

  • Revan can convince Zaalbar to join with his brother and Czerka and kill his father instead.
  • If Revan decides to join Bastila and kill Juhani and Jolee at the Temple Top on Lehon, Revan can convince Zaalbar to kill Mission and then if Zaalbar is with Revan on the Star Forge he will attack him for forcing him to kill his best friend.
  • If Revan decides to join Bastila at the Temple top on Lehon, Revan can alternately just kill both him and Mission on Lehon, if Revan doesn't succeed on persuading Zaalbar on killing Mission.



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