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Walon Vau was one of the Mandalorian mercenaries recruited by Jango Fett to train the Clone Army. He belonged to the group known as the Cuy'val Dar.


Vau trained the commandos in Delta Squad, and gave RC-1262 his nickname ("Scorch") after an ordnance accident that left them both without eyebrows for a time. Walon was extremely violent.

Like Kal Skirata, he believed that the clones he trained should be brought up to be Mandalorian warriors. However, he took a different approach. Instead of treating the clones like sons, he taught the Mando way through discipline, and often violence. To teach his clones to be tough, he would often pit one against the other. He gave them a choice: fight each other or fight him. Only one clone ever chose Vau. It was for this training philosophy, among other things, that caused a deep-seated hatred between Skirata and Vau. Whether or not one agreed with his methods, Vau had an excellent record, only losing three of the commandos he trained as opposed to Skirata who lost fourteen commandos at the start of the Clone Wars. This he blamed on the Galactic Republic for using commandos like normal soldiers in the Battle of Geonosis.

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