Utapau: Sinkhole is a level on Star Wars: Battlefront II. It has six CPs and each team starts with one, and the other four start as neutral. There are tanks available for each faction: the AAT for the CIS, the AT-RT for the Grand Army of the Republic, the IFT-T for the Galactic Empire, and the AAC-1 for the Rebel Alliance.

The map is divided into two different parts. The highway which is a long hallway often used for tank travel, and an open field area which is surrounded by sniper posts. These two positions are connected by a few alleyways. The main battles occur here. There are two good sniping spots on the level, both near the starting command post for the Rebellion/CIS. However, they are both shared by another command post, so for ease of sniping, it would be best to take the adjacent CPs as well.

Trivia Edit

In the PlayStation 2 version, the Utapau level in Campaign mode is one of only three levels featuring an AI Hero, who, in this case, is General Grievous. The other two are Tantive IV (Campaign which features Princess Leia) and Mos Eisley Assault.


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