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Welcome, Fbh bard, to SWGames, the Star Wars Games Wiki!

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— Ryluk Shouja

Hi Edit

Hunterj's news: SWGames now has over 2000 articles!. | Hunterj's time is: 11:11 | Hunterj | My talk
Message from Hunterj: Hi, thanks for editing here after reading my message, I didn't want you wasting your time there :P, the merge had finished so any content there would be ignored. That's not hapening here though! If you have any questions ask the mon my talk, or on anohter admins talk. THere is also a community forum (gamers corner) and we have an IRC as well. The welcome template gives you some great pointers. There will be an IRC meeting for any editors, who want to, to come and talk online about the site and vote on things like policies, we will let you know when a date and time is decided. Thanks for coming, please keep editing! HunterjCustom Dark TrooperHunterj's Palace | This message was left at 17:53, 13 March 2008 (UTC).


If you want, I believe you can redirect (your IP address): so it goes to your userpage just by copying this: #REDIRECT [[User:Fbh bard]] Oh, and good work with all your edits. LethalReflexRC-12072Commlink 23:37, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

IRC meeting Edit

Hunterj's news: Hunterj looks forward to the next IRC meeting!. | Hunterj's time is: 11:11 | Hunterj | My talk
Message from Hunterj: Is the time below ok for the next Star Wars Games: IRC Meeting if it's ok or not ok please let me know. The agenda might look long but the meeting hopefully won't take to long, we may break it into two if it does but either way, just replies to times and etc for the date below please! Saturday 29th March 2008, at 18:30 UTC. Please don't ask for help with conversions I don't really know! This link may help, if not try google... [1] HunterjUraiFenHunterj's Palace | This message was left at 19:37, 18 March 2008 (UTC).

Images Edit

Hunterj's news: Hunterj wants Star Wars: Battlefront III to be on PS3. | Hunterj's time is: 11:11 | Hunterj | My talk
Message from Hunterj: Hi, just a quick notice asking that you provide a source when you upload images, you can use hte template provided on hte upload page instead/as well if you want but new policies mean you need to have a source and a liscence for your images, if you could provide a source for your previously uploaded images that'd be great as well, thanks. HunterjStar Wars Battlefront- Renegade Squadron WordsHunterj's Palace | This message was left at 13:53, 22 March 2008 (UTC).

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