The Undercity is a location on the planet Taris. It is a dark and dreary world where those exiled from the Upper and Lower cities live. The Outcast Village there is the main settlement of the exiles.

Outside of the village, a strange disease called the rakgoul disease runs rampant, poisoning anyone who spends too much time outside the city. The disease turns the victim into a rakgoul, a horrible, mindless creature which attacks anything that is not a rakgoul and moves. The only cure is to catch it before it takes over and inject the rakgoul serum, which works as an antidote.

Revan visited the Undercity on his quest to retrieve the swoop accelerator for Gadon Thek, the leader of the Hidden Bek Swoop Gang. There he met Mission Vao, who took him to the sewers in search of Zaalbar and an entrance to the Vulkar Swoop Gang base.

Many Republic escape pods crashed into the Undercity.


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