Tia and her sister Ghia Infiltrated Jabba's palace to recue Han Solo. They were captured by Jabba Desilijic Tiure and forced to enter his Demolition contests to earn their freedom.

Star Wars: DemolitionEdit

In Star Wars: Demolition they use a Snowspeeder in battle.

Victory ClipEdit

Boushh frees them and helps them to escape.

Defeat ClipEdit

They become Jabba's slave girls and have to feed him disgusting foods in revealing garmnants while they are taunted and humiliated by Salacious Crumb.

Fan Ver: Jedi and SlaveEdit

During Tia's enslavement, she caught the attention of the Correlian smuggler and force sensitive, Wade Vox. Vox had been stunned by her beauty, and was outraged that the Hutt would stoop so low as to enslave her and her sister. This lingering anger activated his dormant force powers, which was witnessed firsthand when Vox was brought in when Tia and her sister, Ghia, were feeding the gelatinous slug. The disgust and fear on her face caused him to unconciously summon a whirlwind of force energy. This of course, drew the attention of Jabba and the Bounty Hunter, Aurra Sing. The Hutt was amused, seeing that he had enslaved a jedi and never knew it. Aurra was incensed that Jabba had allowed Vox to escape her notice, and silently vowed to end him. Tia had also seen Wade's actions, and was touched that he would feel that way at her predicament. While her sister lamented on how they were unable to rescue Han Solo, Tia instead sought to learn more about the young jedi-to-be. Tia learned that Wade Vox was once a young nobleman who was appalled by the treatment of the lower class in his society, and left his arrogant father when his mother died, as she was tho only part of his family that he truly loved. He sought out Han Solo, and learned the ropes of the smuggling business. However, his father's cockiness seemed to be hereditary, as he had thought that he could leave Tatooine without paying "tribute" to Jabba. His guards had seized him and his assets and he was enslaved as a pilot for his Demolition tournament. Tia used her charm to convince the Hutt to allow her to perform a dance for Wade in his cell, but was forced to make love to Jabba in exchange. After Tia finished her dance, she and Wade talked for a while, learning about the other and growing closer, culminating in their confessions of love for each other and a passionate kiss. Wade then informed her that once he had won the tournament, he would buy his freedom, along with her's as well as Ghia's, and they would leave the Empire and Rebellion behind since Wade knew that, as a force sensitive, both sides would want him for their cause. Tia broke down in joyous sobs and embraced him, shedding tears of joy on his face and kissing them away. Afterwards, a gammorean guard came to return Tia to Jabba, and she left, happy for the first time in her sojurn as one of Jabba's harem women.

Unfortunately, Wade's plan never came to fruition, as Aurra Sing had brutally destroyed his landspeeder during a match on Yavin IV. Tia completely lost herself to grief and despair, and to Jabba's delight became a completely submissive slave girl. Ghia was not too sympathetic to her, as she felt that Tia had betrayed Han Solo by grieving over Vox.

One day however, the twins were given a suprise in the form of Princess Leia, leader of the Rebellion, disguised as the Bounty Hunter Boush, who had come to free them as a request from Vox. She had drugged the drinks that had been distrubited, aided by Boba Fett, as he had come to respect the young smuggler, as his desperation to save Tia reminded him of his Mandalorian heritage. Naturally, Fett knew nothing of Boush's identity and only agreed to help to pay his respects to Wade by "keeping his woman from being whored off to a Hutt." When Boba went to disable the guards, Boush told Tia the truth. Wade had survived the attack, and Sing had attempted to finish the jab, but his frustration and guilt over failing Tia led to Wade calling on the Dark Side of the Force, blasting the ex-jedi with a barrage of Force Lightining.

Horrified by what he had done, he left for Dantoine to cleanse his soul of the Dark Taint within him under the guidance of Vrook Lamar, a survivor of the Jedi Civil War and subsequent Jedi Purge of Dath Nihilus and Darth Sion. Tia was overjoyed at this news, and was taken to a secret Rebel transport on the outskirts of Mos Espa. She piloted the craft to the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine. Not caring that she had yet to discard her slave bikini, she raced out of the aircraft and toward the Enclave. However, she had not forseen the dangers of the plains, and was attacked by Kath Hounds. Just as she was about to be mauled to death, Wade jumped in and used the force to blast the Kath Hounds back. Using the force to calm their minds, the Kath ounds left without complaint, one of the pups even nuzzling Tia affectionately now that they knew she was with the kind Jedi. Tia then promptly collapsed into his arms, showering him with kisses and adoration while he held her and begged for her forgiveness for failing her, she abruptly slapped him, shreiking that he had no right to blame himself and promptly dissolved into tears again and kissing him. The two were then wed by Master Vrook, and lived a long and finally happy life.

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