EaW Galaxy

The galaxy, as seen in Empire at War

All occupants in the Star Wars universe lived in a galaxy known simply as the galaxy. Near the center of the galaxy was a planet named Coruscant. It was the capital of most of the largest political governments that were in power.

The galaxy held approximately 400 billion stars and about 200 billion stars had orbiting planets that could support life. Sentient life developed in roughly 20 million of the planets that could support life forms. The galaxy had approximately 100 quadrillion different life forms, including non sentient.


During the Old Republic era the much smaller Sith Empire rivaled the Galactic Republic supported by the Jedi Order. The conflict between the factions started with different opinions of the Force and its usage. The Sith were defeated several times and after many years withdrew their empire to two Sith lords who decided that there would no longer be more than two sith at one time, due to various power struggles within the empire. The Sith then went into hiding for a millennia.

After a millennium of hiding, the Sith returned, with the first Sith known by the Jedi being Darth Maul. During the Rise of the Empire, led by Sith lord Emperor Palpatine and his apprentice Darth Vader, the Republic was destroyed and replaced by the Galactic Empire who ruled the galaxy in a rein of terror. The Empire lasted for two decades when it was defeated by the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. After victory the Rebel Alliance became the New Republic. Despite being defeated an Imperial Remnant still survived within a few planets of the galaxy.


The galaxy was divided into several regions to make navigation easier. Each region was divided into sectors, systems, and then planets.

Deep CoreEdit

The deep core was the exact center of the galaxy and was thought to be inaccessible until the Galactic Empire, under the command of Emperor Palpatine found safe hyperlanes into the region. The area was still an Imperial stronghold almost twenty years after the Battle of Endor due to the inaccessibility of the region.

Core WorldsEdit

The Core Worlds were the first locations of Human occupation and were considered the center of the galaxy, despite technically being off-center. This may have been because of the Republic, Empire and many other factions using it as their capital planet.


The Colonies was the name given to the planets in between the Core and the Inner Rim. It was among the first areas outside the Core to be colonized, hence the name of the Colonies. The worlds in this section were often heavily populated and industrialized.

Inner RimEdit

The Inner Rim was the section of galaxy between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. The Inner Rim was often part of key hyperspace routes that linked several systems in the Colonies to the rest of the galaxy.

Expansion RegionEdit

The Expansion Region was the location for an experiment by corporations to exploit planets for their raw materials. The inhabitants were enslaved, oppressed or forced into working for the corporations, whilst they stripped entire systems of all their resources. Most natural resources were completely depleted by the Galactic Civil War era due to the high production rates during the Clone Wars and Rise of the Empire.

Mid RimEdit

The Mid Rim was generally well populated and excluded from galactic politics however it was not isolated from the rest of the galaxy like many Outer Rim planets. Various planets built up large economies in the Mid Rim.

Outer RimEdit

The Outer Rim last section of the galaxy to be populated before Wild Space and the Unknown Regions were found. There were many primitive and under developed planets in the Outer Rim, mostly due to its distance from the Core.

Beyond the Outer RimEdit

There were several sectors further from the Core than the Outer Rim. It was believed that an energy field surrounded the galaxy and prevented easy inter-galactic travel to those sectors.

Tingel ArmEdit

The Tingel Arm was a string of planets outside the Outer Rim. It contained the Corporate Sector Authority which was mostly independent from the political organizations that ruled the galaxy. Under the Galactic Empire, the sector greatly expanded.

Unknown RegionsEdit

The Unknown Regions was a large series of unexplored regions that were hard to reach using hyperspace lanes. The Imperial Remnant was near the Unknown Regions due to its separation from the galaxy. The Chiss were one of few species to be contacted in the Unknown Regions.

Wild SpaceEdit

Wild Space was the border between the explored parts of the galaxy and the Unknown Regions. One of the Galactic Empire's duties during the rule of Palpatine was to explore a large section of the region.

Trade routesEdit

Main article: trade route

Trade routes increased the value of various planets and also gave planets necessities and/or materials that their planet was deprived of. Various planets depended on trade routes for survival. Some trade routes stretched through many regions where as others simply connected several local systems together.


The galactic economy was very complex due to the large amount of planets and their dependence on each other as well as the often split governments of the galaxy, such as the Galactic Republic and the CIS. The main currency of the Galactic Republic was the credit which was used by other governments after the time of the Republic.

Star Wars: Galaxies galaxyEdit

Star Wars: Galaxies is made of several servers, to accommodate the number of players, representing parallel 'galaxies'. Each of these 'galaxies' is named after famous starships.

'Galaxies' in Star Wars: Galaxies:


As the Galaxy appears in every Star Wars game, due to their setting, this list is for direct mentions of the galaxy or for games that show the entire galaxy to some level of detail.

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