General information

Galactic Republic


Dol Grenn

Notable members

Citadel Station


Citadel Station, near the entertainment module

Historical information
Other information

Old Republic era


The Telos security force, often known as the TSF, was the security force in charge of protecting the Citadel Station on Telos. The security force was often legally trapped to act against corporations acting illegaly such as Czerka. When the Jedi Exile visited Citadel Station they was placed under a house arrest due to the investigation over the destruction of Peragus II. They was later released but told to stay on the station. The Jedi Exile helped the Telos security force, led by Captain Dol Grenn at the time, by trapping illegal smugglers and finding a missing Czerka employee before disobeying Grenn's command and leaving the station with the aid of Moza.


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