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Jabba's throne room in Star Wars: Battlefront II, the Rancor pit is in front of Jabba.

Jabba's Palace was once a monastery of the Boh'mar monks. When Jabba the Hutt and his criminal empire came in, he forced the monks to the lower levels, taking the upper levels for himself, and added various beasts into a lower level, eventually the lower levels housed a Rancor. He defiled the monastery and used it as his base of criminal operations until he died.

LEGO Star Wars SeriesEdit

In the LEGO Star Wars series Jabba's palace features the Boh'mar monks as rideable creatures. It also features various LEGO musical speakers which when constructed make nearby gammorreans start dancing.

Star Wars: Battlefront SeriesEdit


A map of the level Jabba's Palace in Star Wars: Battlefront II

Jabba's Palace is a level in Star Wars: Battlefront II and also in Star Wars: Battlefront though a mod (the level is identical). There are several command posts, including one in the Throne Room. Also in the Throne Room is the Rancor pit, which includes the rancor that sweeps up any soldiers unlucky enough to fall into the pit.

Gamorrean guards are rampant in the Palace, and spawn at random places at random times. Thier vibro-axes have a one-hit kill ratio and they are much stronger than normal units. The best way to avoid them is to be constantly moving and to shoot them on sight.


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