Tatooine: Dune Sea was a level on the game Star Wars: Battlefront. There were six command posts all throughout the level, including the Lars homestead and the Sarlacc pit. In it, the player could be either the GAR, the CIS, The Galactic Empire, or the Rebel Alliance. The player would have to fight off both the enemy and the Tusken Raiders, a NPC, that were camped nearby. Their camp being another command post that the player could take. Players could also jump in either an X-wing starfighter, TIE Fighter, Jedi starfighter, or Droid starfighter and fly around the area of the Dune Sea, or simply hop in a Rebel combat speeder, 74-Z speeder bike, STAP, TX-130S Fighter Tank, TX-130T Fighter Tank, or an AAT and blast away at the enemies. Players were to be careful upon getting too close to the Sarlacc pit because it would reach out and grab the player, killing them instantly.

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