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Swoop racing was a fast-paced sport with very deep roots in the underworlds of many backwater planets, but also generated interest from the upper-class residents, as well. The competitors rode swoop bikes as fast as they could through a track with multiple obstacles and boost pads along its length, competing for the best time.

Taris was the hub of professional swoop racing during the time of the Jedi Civil War, and with the destruction of the planet, the swoop track and most of the good professional racers were killed, and all recent information on the winner of the Season Opener was lost.

Several other planets had swoop tracks, including Manaan and Tatooine, but none of the other tracks could compare to Taris. Manaan used a three-tiered system, the official system of the galaxy.

Generally, the first tier was for hobbyists who did not invest a lot of money into the sport and simply raced for the fun of it. The second tier was for more serious amateurs and was the beginning of the payoff of swoop racing. The third and final tier, when won, would earn the winner the title of Sector Champion along with a massive payoff of credits. The third tier was generally limited to professional swoop racers.


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