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"The Star Wars Miniatures line features hundreds of ready-to-play miniatures from the Star Wars universe. You'll find heroes, villains, droids, creatures, and aliens of all descriptions. Now you can play out your favorite movie scenes, add the miniatures to your roleplaying sessions, or trade and collect the miniatures set by set."
Wizards of the Coast website [1]

Star Wars Miniatures are a RPG based game, where players collect various miniatures from the Star Wars universe and use them in a RPG, strategy board game.

Game Play Edit

The game is played with 2 or more people using Star Wars Miniatures figures. Each figure represent Unique and Non-Unique charters form Star Was. Each figure has a Statistics card that represents their abilities in the game.

Sets Edit

There are currently 13 different Sets that make up the Star Wars Miniatures game. (Order by Release)

  1. Rebel Storm (September 2004)
  2. Clone Strike (November 2004)
  3. Revenge of the Sith (April 2005)
  4. Universe (August 2005)
  5. AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack (November 2005)
  6. Attack on Endor (February 2006)
  7. Champions of the Force (June 2006)
  8. Bounty Hunters (September 2006)
  9. Starship Battles (November 2006) This is a sub-product of SWM
  10. Alliance and Empire (May 2007)
  11. Rebels and Imperials (June 2007)
  12. Starter Set (July 2007)
  13. The Force Unleashed (November 2007)
  14. Legacy of the Force (March 2008)
  15. Knights of the Old Republic (August 2008)

Collecting Edit


  1. Learn to Play guide on the Wizards of hte Coast site, the quote is at the description of the game

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