Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter is a flight simulator flight school that allows the player to train as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire and gain the highest rank as Top Ace. Throughout the game, the player must complete eight missions, which can be played continuously, and gain points towards making there next rank. The player can also gain points for every enemy vehicle destroyed, with the more the points per bigger ship. The players get to expirement with different vehicles, including the X-wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor and B-wing.

Training MissionsEdit

There are three basic training missions that apply to both the Rebels and the Empire.

Mission Selection

Here, the player selects which mission they wish to attempt.

Gunnery Training - In this mission, the player learns how to target other crafts and objects, using their guns to destroy them. After the player achieves the primary objective, the player then can move on to moving targets and firing targets.

Concussion training - In this mission, the player learns how to engage other starfighters and destroy them using concussion missile. After the player has completed the main objective, subsequent waves of fighters will become more difficult.

Wingman and Orders - In this mission, the player will learn how to follow their flight leader and engage multiple targets. The player and their flight leader are to protect their platform from enemy attack.

Two Player Co-opEdit

Custom Dogfight - In this mission, the player is to inspect containers bearing ship names to bring a wave of that ship type to dogfight. Each replacement wave, though, gets tougher for the player.


Protect Escaping Rebel Frigate - In this mission, the player must protect a small convoy of ships assigned to the Nebulon-B Frigate Rehz'nor as it heads back to a Rebel Headquarters for resupply. The player is given X-Wings from Green Squadron to patrol the area around their command ship, and provide escort for the departing convoy.


Warhead Interception - In this mission, the player defend an Interdictor Cruiser from a Rebel warhead attak. The player must shoot down any incoming warheads, and see that the Cruiser completes its mission.

Eight Player Co-opEdit


Mission Debriefing

Here, the player is debriefed on the mission they are attempting.

Corvette Alley - In this mission, the player must destroy a large Imperial convoy of Corellian Corvettes before they make it to their hyperspace point.

Defend Calamari Cruiser Liberty - In this mission, the player must destroy the Interdictor Cruiser Restrainer that is keeping the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty from jumping to hyperspace. After the Indertdictor Cruiser is destroyed, the player must defend the Liberty until it reaches its hyperspace point.


Defend Imperial Star Destroyer Allecto - In this mission, the player must defend the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Allecto from Rebel Starfighters with miminal damage done to the Allecto so that Tarkin can arrive.

Attack on Mon Calamari Cruiser near Ekuda - In this mission, the player must use two Imperial squadrons attack the Rebel task force led by the Mon Calamari Cruiser Tano. The player can either be in Alpha team, which is to sweep out the enemy fighters, or the Tau team, which is to take out the Cruiser.


Throughout the game, the player would be able to gain rank and advance up through command with either side. The ranks consisted of five achievable positions.

  • Cadet - 2 levels: Trainee, Flight Cadet
  • Officer - 4 levels: 4th through 1st Class
  • Veteran - 4 levels: 4th through 1st Grade
  • Ace - 4 levels: 4th through 1st Level
  • Top Ace - 4 levels: 4th through 1st Order


Once the player had completed a mission, they would be given an award based on the mission and how they did in it. There were four types of awards:

  • Melee Plaque
  • Tournament trophy
  • Mission Evalutaion
  • Battle Medallion



Support CraftsEdit

Capital ShipsEdit



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