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The controls to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed vary between consoles, as the game was made by several different development teams.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360Edit

These are the controls for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of The Force Unleashed.

PlayStation 3 input Xbox 360 input In-game function
Triangle Y Force lightning
Square X Slash with lightsaber
R2 Right Trigger Force grip
Circle B Force push
L1 and direction on left analog stick. Left button and direction on left analog stick. Force Dash
R1 Right button Target
L2 Left Trigger Block


This is a list of combination attacks in The Force Unleashed, and their controls.

Combination name How to perform
Lightsaber impale Grip, then whilst gripping slash with lightsaber

Sith saber flurry


lightsaber slam

Lightsaber slash, short pause, lightsaber slash, short pause and then lightsaber slash again


slash twice then tap force lightningtwice and you will see electircity on your lightsaber


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