Star Wars: Starfighter is a flight simulation video game for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 that takes place during Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, released on February 19, 2001.

Star Wars: Starfighter Special Edition is an improved version of the original release, Star Wars: Starfighter. It included several bonus features not included in the first title, such as improved graphics, special bonus levels, unlockable fighter craft and even some two-player versions of story levels.

A sort of sequel was made called Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. The game links heavily with Starfighter but does not follow directly on.

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Cheat CodesEdit

  • Cheat Options: overseer
  • Bonus Features: nohud
  • Christmas Sequence: woz
  • Director's Cut Mode: director
  • Enemy Ship GallerY: ships
  • Invincibility: minime
  • James' Day of Work: james
  • Jar-Jar Mode: jarjar
  • Simon Pictures: simon
  • Concept Art: planets
  • Programmer Message: ltdjgd
  • Amidala's Ship: bigone
  • Bonus Mission Secret Ship: bluensf
  • Cast Pictures: heroes
  • Credits: credits
  • See Program Team: lateam
  • See More Program Team: slteam

See AlsoEdit

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