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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance is a third-person action-adventure/stealth video game that was released for the PSP on December 7, and the Nintendo DS on December 13, 2006. It follows the adventures of Rianna Saren, a Twi'lek mercenary, and her security droid Zeeo, who attempts to steal the Death Star blueprints and fight the Imperial slaver Kheev. The game takes place just a few months before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.


A few months before the Battle of Yavin, Rianna Saren, a Twi'lek, started her life of freedom as a mercenary. Rianna had an arrogant streak due to her painful past as a slave. Rianna lost a lekku after Zarien Kheev, the Zabrak slaver who owned her, got angry at her for trying to escape and had her lekku cut off. Rianna eventually had a prosthetic replacement fitted. Rianna started off her mercenary career on Coruscant, but was often fleeing Imperial scout groups. She eventually was contacted by Kyle Katarn, who asked her to steal an Imperial shipment from a Black Sun warehouse.

She infiltrated the innermost area of the warehouse, but was captured and accidentally activated Zeeo. Zeeo freed her from her cell and they attained possession of the Imperial shipment and brought it to the Rebellion. Leia Organa was very grateful and asked Rianna if she would go to Alderaan. Rianna agreed and successfully shut down an Imperial drug chain. On Alderaan she confronted and killed Slak Sagar. While on Alderaan she learned from princess Leia that shipments of the drug were on Mustafar were it was being used to increase the slave production of Mirkanite. Rianna set out to stop production at the factory.

She infiltrated the factory and deactivated the drill shaft and set off explosives to destroy the entire facility. She then came across Kheev and followed him to Tatooine, where her ship was shot down by Boba Fett in the Slave I. While on Tatooine she located and killed the Twi'lek slaver Sedriss after finding out where Kheev was. Kheev then captured her and took her to Despayre, where she found out about the Death Star.

Rianna escaped the prison on Despayre and managed to make her way onto the Death Star before Despayre's destruction. Upon arrival on the Death Star she headed to the Communication center and told the Rebells about the Death Star. She then stole an Imperial ship and headed to Danuta, where the plans of the Death Star were being held by Kheev. Rianna fought her way and killed Kheev in his personal battle armor, though not before Kheev was able to take a pot shot at Rianna. Zeeo sacrificially took the shot and was seriously damaged. Rianna took the Death Star plans from Kheev's body.

Rianna holding Zeeo, walked to her transport ready to continue her mercenary work. edit Gameplay

Throughout the game, players are confronted by enemies, whom they must fight cooperatively, controlling both Rianna and her droid Zeeo to accomplish their missions. Players are able to set up holographic disguises to fool Imperial Royal Guards, and command gun turrets. Rianna as the main character is not a Jedi, so there are no Force powers or lightsabers. A multiplayer mode allows players to combat each other using droids from the same class as Zeeo.






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Unlockable: Klingon Campaign: At the main menu UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT SELECT START X

Note: This cheat only works on the Nintendo DS

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