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Star Wars- Jedi Knight II- Jedi Outcast cover
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Raven Software



Release date

March 26, 2002 (PC)
March 26, 2002 (Xbox)


First-person shooter


Single player, Multiplayer


ESRB: Teen (T)
USK: 16


PC, Xbox, Mac, GameCube

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (JK2 or JO) is a Star Wars computer game that came out in 2002. It was developed by Raven Software and published, distributed and marketed by LucasArts. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, GameCube, and Xbox. It is powered by the Quake III Arena engine. This game is followed by the very similar game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The game was well received and is praised for its advanced lightsaber dueling.

Opening crawlEdit

Jedi Knight II
It is a time of relative peace in the
galaxy. Eight years have passed
since the Empire was defeated
at the BATTLE OF ENDOR, but the
New Republic still struggles to
restore order and vanquish its enemies.

After defending the Valley of the
Jedi from the evil Jerec and
nearly falling to the Dark Side
himself, former Jedi Knight Kyle
Katarn has severed his connection with the Force,
returning to his mercenary ways.
With his long time partner, Jan Ors,
Kyle continues to aid the Republic in the
fight against the IMPERIAL REMNANT.

As the Remnant launches its latest gambit to
regain control of the galaxy, Kyle and Jan have
been sent by the New Republic to investigate the
planet KEJIM, a long-dead Imperial outpost…

Main charactersEdit


The game once again follows the adventures of Kyle Katarn and his partner Jan Ors.  Though abandoning the path of the Jedi, Kyle still undertakes missions for the Republic.  The game begins with Kyle and Jan infiltrating an Imperial stronghold.  Though they lost to the Rebellion, pockets of ex-Imperial forces, called "Remnant" remain formidable threats to the order of the Republic.  After fighting an impressive array of stormtroopers Kyle and Jan find that an imperial scientist called Galak Fyarr has been experimenting with artusian crystals hoping to infuse troopers with the power of the Force. Having wanted to delve into this further the republic send the duo to a planet called Artus Mine - which uses slave labor. Kyle releases the slaves and saves them from a massive armored assault on the planet's surface.  Before he can rejoin Jan, Kyle is forced to confront Fyarr's powerful confederates, a dark Jedi Desann and his appprentice Tavion. Without the force, Kyle is easily overpowered by Desann.  Tavion captures Jan and apparently kills her. Kyle in his rage and anger goes to the Valley of the Jedi and, despite the warnings of the spirit of his father, regains his force powers.

Traveling to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Kyle reclaims his lightsaber by taking the test of the Jedi with the help of Luke Skywalker. Seeing Kyle outperform on the Jedi trails leads Luke to conclude that Kyle has taken force power from the Valley of the Jedi.  Luke warns Kyle about the course he's chosen, but also gives him valuable information about Desann - including the fact that Desann had actually gotten his start at the Jedi Academy before turning to evil, and that Desann may be linked to Reelo Baruka, a crimelord on Nar Shadda.  Infiltrating Reelo's lair on Nar Shadda, Kyle links up with Lando Calrissian.  The two defeat Reelo's forces and escape for Cloud City on Bespin. By the time they arrive, the city has been overrun by Remnant forces.  Kyle also encounters "Reborn" - Force-wielding warriors fighting for the remnant.  Despite their numbers and their powers, they lack discipline and Kyle defeats them. Eventually, Kyle is found by Tavion, who is skilled and powerful, but ultimately outmatched by Kyle.  The defeated Tavion begs for her life, telling Kyle that Jan is alive.

Kyle sneaks aboard one of the Remnant ships, thinking that it will bring him to Fyarr and Desann.  The robot ship eventually lands on a Remnent base hidden on an Asteroid.  There Kyle finds a manufacturing plant building large pods used to drop invading forces on targeted planets. He also finds a huge assault force being marshalled - signs of a huge Remnant invasion in the making.  Again confronting Reborn, Kyle meets up with Luke Skywalker.  Luke has some bad news for Kyle - Desann had manipulated Kyle into returning to the Valley of the Jedi, and followed him with an army of his warriors.  Republic forces eventually drove them away, but not before many of Desann's soldiers were empowered by the massive force energy of the Valley.  Kyle parts from Luke and eventually finds the "Doomgiver", an enormous ship that will carry the invasion force to its destination.  Kyle reunites with Luke, but not before Desann appears again and separates them.

Kyle manages to climb aboard Doomgiver before it leaves and makes the jump to hyperspace, but Luke gets left behind.  Aboard Doomgiver, Kyle fights off hoards of Stormtroopers and also Reborn.  He also faces Shadow Warriors, minions of Desann who wear special armor capable of absorbing lightsaber power. Despite the obstacles, Kyle finds Jan and send a warning signal to Rogue Squadron.  Once Doomgiver drops out of hyperspace, Republic fighters attack it.  Within the ship, Kyle finally confronts Galak Fyarr who reveals his plans to attack the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.  Kyle defeats Fyarr - who wears a huge suit of mechanized and ray-shielded armor - and then sabotages the ship's main generator, dooming the ship and Fyarr.  Unfortunately, much of the invasion force has landed and is already advancing on the Jedi Academy.  Escaping with Jan from the now doomed Doomgiver, Kyle reaches the surface of Yavin 4, and battles waves of Remnant forces to reach the Academy.  Once inside, Kyle links up with the Academy's many apprentice Jedi, and all fight back against the Reborn.  Kyle follows Desann into the depths of the Massassi temple where the two battle.  Kyle tries to persuade Desann to surrender, but the dark Jedi resists.  Kyle taps into the power of the temple's core, and defeats Desann.  With Desann and Fyarr now dead, the Remnant assault collapses.

After discussing it with Luke, Kyle decides he'll keep his lightsaber. When Skywalker asks him about what he would do next, to which Kyle replies that he and Jan have earned a long vacation on the beaches of Spira.




To enter a cheat, simply hold down shift, then press tilde (~) and then type in either "helpusobi 1" or "devmapall" to enable cheats, then put in a code below.

  1. SetForceAll x # (Can be set from anywhere from 0-4)
  2. noclip (pass through walls)
  3. god (Invincibility)
  4. sabercolor (color) Choose colors between Green,Blue,Purple,Yellow,Orange, and Red.
  5. npc spawn (character's name). spawn any character in the list bellow:
  • luke (light)
  • jan (light)
  • kyle (light)
  • desann (dark)
  • tavion (dark)
  • ugnaught (dark)
  • galak (dark)
  • galak_mech (dark)
  • lando (light)
  • reelo (dark)
  • monmotha (light)
  • weequay (dark)
  • jeditrainer (light)
  • jedi (light)
  • jedi2 (light)
  • rodian (dark)
  • rebel (light)
  • imperial (dark)
  • gran (dark)
  • granshooter (dark)
  • trandoshan (dark)
  • prisoner (light)
  • prisoner2 (light)
  • probe (dark)
  • remote (dark)
  • interrogator (dark)
  • sentry (dark)
  • proto (dark)
  • gonk (droid)
  • mouse (dark)
  • mark1 (dark)
  • atst (dark)
  • prorocol (droid)
  • protocol_ imp (droid)
  • r2d2 (droid)
  • r2d2_imp (driod)
  • r5d2 (driod)
  • rockettrooper (dark)
  • stormtrooper (dark)
  • stormtrooper2 (dark)
  • stormpilot (dark)
  • swamptrooper (dark)
  • shadowtrooper (dark)
  • stofficer (dark)
  • stofficeralt (dark)
  • stcommander (dark)
  • impworker (dark)
  • impcommander (dark)
  • impofficer (dark)
  • bartender (dark)
  • minemonster (dark)
  • bespincop (light)
  • reborn (dark)
  • rebornacrobat (dark)
  • rebornforceuser (dark)
  • rebornboss (dark)
  • rebornfencer (dark)
  • morgankatarn (ghost)
  • test (stormtrooper light)
  • seeker (seeker droid light)
  • howler (stormtrooper boxer dark)
  • granboxer (gran boxer dark)
  • glider (bird)
  • jedif (jedi jan light)

(note: if you spawn kyle, it will not follow you, and it will equip the same weapon you equip and activate their lightsaber when you activate yours and deactivate the saber when you deactivate yours.)

  1. give all: This gives you all weapons
  2. d_npcfreeze 1: this freezes all npcs
  3. notarget: enemies ignore you
  4. undying: have 999 health
  5. g_knockback (0-.....): set how strong force push is
  6. npc kill all: kills all npcs
  7. drive_atst: drive an at-st
  8. fly_xwing: either fly an x-wing or crash the game
  9. timescale (.28- 2.5): speed up or slow down the game how you want it
  10. kill: commit suicide
  11. give health: full health
  12. give armor: full armor
  13. give ammo: full ammo
  14. give force: full force bar
  15. give inventory: full inventory
  16. give batteries: full battery power
  17. give weaponnum (1-13): gives you a certain weapon
  18. victory: plays victory music... i think
  19. g_speed: adjust your speed in the game
  20. taunt: you roll your weapon in your hand
  21. cinematic: watch all cinematics
  22. cg_drawcrosshair (1-9): gives you crosshair with that number
  23. cg_drawtimer 1: shows how much time you've played
  24. npc showbounds: shows bounding boxes
  25. npc score: shows number of kills
  26. screenshot: screenshot with console
  27. mapname: shows map name
  28. (multiplayer) type devmap (the map you are currently on) and you will load the same exact map you were on with cheats then type in THEDESTROYER to get a saberstaff
  29. (multiplayer) do the same devmap thing, then type in g_gravity to adjust gravity
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