Star Wars: Force Commander is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game released for the PC in March 2000.


Originally conceived as a 2-D strategy game, LucasArts scrapped the overall design after its first public viewing at the 1998 Electronic Gaming Expo.

Ronin Entertainment chose to develop an in-house 3-D engine and recreate the game from scratch. As the first Star Wars entry into the then-flooded RTS market, fans eagerly anticipated Force Commander. Upon release, Force Commander was a commercial failure, as well as a disappointment to many fans, who cited the game's graphics and gameplay as its main problems.


The game's action runs from immediately before the Battle of Yavin through the Battle of Coruscant. The player takes on the role of Brenn Tantor, an Imperial commander who later defects to the Rebel Alliance.

Game features include over 40 different unit types, 24 campaign missions and 27 multiplayer missions, 12 3-D environments, and remixes of John Williams's original Star Wars scores as music. Following a trend of its contemporary RTS titles, Force Commander escewed the standard resource management system. Instead, the player gathered "Command Points" to grow his force.





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Cheat codesEdit

Note: The following only work on Version 1.1:

  • Extra Command Points - Start a new game with the character name "TheGalaxyIsYours" and then press M in game to get 500 command points.
  • All Missions - Start a new game with the character name "TheWorldIsYours" and then double click on it to access all missions.
  • Special Troops - Create a new file called "TheGalaxyIsYours". Enter any mission (even a skirmish) and press Ctrl+0 and at the bottom of the screen it should say "stormtrooper". Press up or down until you find the unit you want. Then press left to get what you chose. Also, press Num lock+Keypad asterisk to get 999,999 life for your selected unit.


The Computer Complexes featured in Force Commander have a Striking resemblance to Jabba's Palace.

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