The sniper class is a type of unit trained in using, high-powered sniper rifles that generally take 1-2 shots to kill, or one with a headshot.

Star Wars: Battlefront seriesEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II, the sniper class is all equipped with various sniper rifles, blaster pistols as sidearms, grenades, and a recon droid. They have a one-shot kill headshot and a two-shot kill normal shot. Furthermore snipers have a higher movement speed than that of a normal troop. This is balanced, however, by their health rating being some two-thirds that of the standard unit. Masters of the sniper do not mind this, as they can shoot people without using the rifle scope quickly and efficiently.

Sniper classesEdit


Snipers are generally most effective at higher elevations and far away from major action. Maps like Bespin: Cloud City, Kashyyyk: Docks, Geonosis: Spire, Kamino: Tipoca City, and Yavin IV: Temple are maps that all have multiple places high-elevation for snipers to hang around and fire at enemies. The Bespin: Cloud City map is probably the best map to test your sniping skills. However, its important to remember that snipers are less effective at short-range infantry combat or on narrow maps such as Polis Massa or Tantive IV. However, even on the Tantive IV map, there is still one spot where snipers can hang back and wait for enemy units to come in and shoot them. This is the Turbine Room.


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