Shock Trooper

A Shock Trooper in Battlefront II.

Shock Troopers are a specialisation of Imperial Stormtroopers, typically armed with heavier weapons then their rank-and-file brethren.

Star Wars: Battlefront seriesEdit

In the original Star Wars: Battlefront, its sequel and the Renegade Squadron, they’re identical to all other anti-armor classes and have the same equipment. They also possess considerably more health then other classes, but also have the slowest movement speed.

Their primary weapon is a shoulder-mounted missile launcher, which fires slow-travelling green-hued missiles (up to 8 can be carried at any given time). These missiles will instantly destroy infantry, most turrets and speeder bikes, but many shots are required against the AAC-1s and the Renegade Squadron's T4-Bs. Using the “lock-on” mode with the missile launcher will highlight the weak spots on the vehicles, where all shots will deal increased damage. After hitting them 3 times, you will be able to use 4 guided rockets with it: they don’t replace the regular missiles but are used alongside them as a tertiary fire mode, with. These missiles can be slowed down or accelerated much like the starfighters; they much easier to aim when they’re slowed down but are only worth it at highest speed, when they explode with high damage over a large area. As such, they should only really be used at large, open maps where you have time to boost them to full speed.

Their secondary weapon is a regular blaster pistol with infinite ammo but high overheat that can be replaced with the Award precision pistol after killing 6 people with it. They also have two regular Thermal Detonators and 3 mines. The latter are very, very powerful, killing everyone and destroying full-health tanks in 3m radius. Even though they take about two seconds to activate, they should never be set up in the heat of combat, as the blast is guaranteed to kill you alongside the enemies (unless, of course, you have turned the friendly fire off or are about to die anyway). Mines don’t take any damage from regular weapons, but will be destroyed by the explosives. The Engineer classes will also safely walk past them and can destroy them with fusion cutters.

AI-controlled Shock Troopers almost always fight with pistols, very rarely using their missile launchers against vehicles, heroes and on large maps over the long distances. They will use grenades against vehicles and in tight spots as often as everyone else, but only set up mines on a handful of maps. Some of them will occasionally use the guided rockets, the only case of AI unlocking the AWARD weapons. Sometimes, they will also use combat rolls to avoid grenades or particularly heavy fire.

Star Wars: Jedi AcademyEdit

In this game, the player will often encounter stormtroopers wearing similar backpacks and equipped with machine guns or shotguns instead of the regular blaster rifles. As such, they're somewhat more challenging then regular troopers, but will still die easily to your weapons or the Force powers. It should be noted that it is possible to have them surrender if you disarm them through the use of advanced Force Pull or very light Force Choke (they will still attack you as soon as they can find new weapons, though) It is unclear what they're actually called because the game never mentions this.

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