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Shaak Ti
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Shaak Ti in LEGO Star Wars.

Shaak Ti was a female Togruta Jedi Master. She was killed by Starkiller which caused the native Felucians to fall to the Dark Side of the Force.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shaak Ti was a notable exception to her communal species, preferring to operate alone whenever possible, despite the wishes and assistance of her fellow Jedi. Unlike most members of her communal species, she was solitary by nature; though, she fought at her best when in large groups. Shaak Ti felt that training was more important than experience. The Jedi Council bore the responsibility of deciding whether a Jedi applied it well in actual practice. This mentality illustrated her pack hunting heritage -those who cannot run with the pack are left to die. According to Shaak Ti, this is the way of nature, and therefore the will of the Force.

Shaak Ti had an unusual training style for a Jedi Master who seemed to be more interested in talking than in battle. This reflected the way of a Jedi Guardian more than the one of a Jedi Consular. Despite her seemingly unfeeling demeanor, Shaak Ti had a subtle sense of humor. Her natural patterning could be quite startling when Shaak Ti moved. Shaak Ti used her species' reputation to its full advantage when it was convenient to do so, frequently stealing up behind a person before speaking to them or baring her sharp incisors in a grotesque approximation of a human smile, though she was entirely capable of a perfectly ordinary smile.

Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi known to have doubted Anakin Skywalker's powers. Shaak Ti was also an exellent commander and strategist, as she was a very cunning Jedi often bringing up useful ideas. She also proved to be a natural leader often being a lead Jedi in many missions. These characteristics were evident both during the Battle of Brentaal IV, and in the Battle of Kamino. However she tended to fail some of her missions. She failed to train well both of her Padawans, she failed to protect Chancellor Palpatine from the clutches of Grievous, and she failed to defend the Jedi Temple against the 501st Legion.

Shaak Ti was very reflective and contemplative. When the Clone Wars came, she would meditate on war and reflect about its effect on Jedi. She had many questions and increasingly no time to ponder on them. It was her nature to find an answer, to find a way but in that she was having trouble.

During the Great Jedi Purge, Shaak Ti chose to fade away into the backdrop of the galaxy biding her time until she could act. She didn't abandon her life as a a Jedi, but she did not actively seek to draw the Empire's attention. By retreating into the shadows, Shaak Ti ensured that the Empire's Jedi hunters did not find her, allowing her to prepare for a time in the future when she would once again step onto the galactic stage. She spent her days honing her skills in the Force, meditating and practicing her lightsaber techniques as well as training her final apprentice Maris Brood. She believed that her destiny had not yet been fulfilled, and that only the guidance of the Force, not her own desire to strike back at the Empire, was the true path to success. There is no current record of how Shaak Ti became one with the force


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