The Sail Barge was a large vehicle that was used to travel the desert landscape of Tatooine. One was used by Jabba the Hutt.

Mos Eisley DockEdit

One such barge was found at the Mos Eisley dock. It was forced to stay and used as a Command Post by the Clone Army, and later, Imperial Stormtroopers. It was a favorable position, guarded by a pair of heavy turrets to one side, a narrow choke point to the other, and the already installed guns equipped.

Skirmish on TatooineEdit

The Khetanna, Jabba the Hutt's personal sailbarge, was caught in a desperate battle when young Jedi Luke Skywalker attempted to escape from the Hutt's clutches. What seemed like impossible odds quickly turned, and the sailbarge was destroyed over the Sarlaac.


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