Rianna Saren, as seen on the Lethal Alliance cover

Rianna Saren was a female Twi'lek who was enslaved by Zarien Kheev, a ruthless Zabrak slave master, who kept her as a personal slave. As a teenager, she attemped to escape, but Kheev caught her and – displaying his legendary ruthlessness – cut off Rianna's right head-tail, which she eventually replaced with a prosthetic.

However, Rianna escaped on her second attempt, and wound up on Coruscant working as a criminal and mercenary. She eventually released the droid Zeeo from Imperial control after he had saved her from a Black Sun smuggler, and she was able to put his knowledge of Imperial data systems to good use. Zeeo was her only known companion.

Due to her painful past, Rianna had a sizeable arrogant streak, and was obsessed with vengeance against the Empire. She was also shunned by her own people for unknown reasons. A few months before the Battle of Yavin, she was hired by the Rebel Alliance to uncover the Empire's secret Death Star project and played a role in stealing the Death Star plans. During the course of her mission, she came face to face with the source of her vengeance – her nemesis, Kheev.


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