The battle on Saleucami, in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron takes place in Caldera, a city surrounded by a dome and with a controlled atmosphere, to protect it from the harsh desert outside. The climate is still hot, as tropical plants are kept in courtyards. They provide great cover and are surrounded by houses, which separate the command posts. The buildings are mainly orange and white.

Saleucami in Renegade Squadron

The image used in the loading sequence for Saleucami

Command PostsEdit

There are Health and Ammo Droids at every command post.

Galactic Empire/CIS Edit

Geothermal Power ControlEdit

The Geothermal Power Control is an underground cavern that stretches past the huge walls of the protective dome. The cavern is partially lit, due to the artificial lights. There are two entrances/exits, both have a door (which doesn’t close) and a separate tunnel leading to the main area of the city. One leads to City Gate One and the left entrance to the Caldera City, the other one leads to City Gate Two and the right entrance to Caldera City. Some buildings can have alleys behind them which can be used for surprise attacks or ambushes. Notable features are the computers, technical equipment and thermal coolers.

Caldera CityEdit

Caldera City is a large courtyard with a large group of tropical plants in the centre. These provide cover for defenders or attackers who have entered by a less obvious route. There are two ground level entrances/exits. One leads to City Gate One and the left entrance to the Geothermal Power Control, the other one leads to City Gate Two and the right entrance to the Geothermal Power Control. At the back of the courtyard there are two staircases which lead to an open second floor. They overlook the two City Gates.

Rebel Alliance/Galactic RepublicEdit

City Gate OneEdit

The City Gate One is the street of a housing area. It is right next to one of the City Gates. It is overlooked by a platform that is connected via a staircase to the Caldera City command post. This can be accessed by using a Jetpack, Jumpack or Force jump ability. Other than the platform there is one route out of the command post, which leads to the left entrance to the Geothermal Power Control and Caldera City. The section that leads to the actual gate can be used by defenders to surprise attackers who attempt to take the command post. There are also some alleys that can be used for the same affect.

City Gate TwoEdit

The City Gate Two is identical to the City Gate One except it is on the right hand side of the map and leads to the right entrances of Caldera City and the Geothermal Power Control.


Hero StrategyEdit

Boba FettEdit

Boba Fett’s Blaster Pistol is very useful in the open courtyards, along with his Jetpack whereas his Flamethrower and Wrist Rockets are very useful in the narrow corridors of the Geothermal Power Control


Ackbar’s pistol and Cluster Grenades are useful in confined space like the alleys and tunnels. His Orbital Strike Sniper Rifle is very useful in the open courtyards or open choke points.

Lightsaber UsersEdit

Ki-Adi-Mundi and Asajj Ventress are useful in choke points, tunnels and alleys but, they are very easy targets in the open courtyards and streets.


There are no vehicles in this battlefront.

Capture The FlagEdit

The Rebel Alliance/Galactic Republic capture zone is at the bottom of the courtyard near Caldera City, next to the stairs. The stairs can be used as sniping spots or attackers can use a Jetpack and come from the stairs to take the flag.

The Galactic Empire/CIS capture zone is the Geothermal Power Control. For defensive tips see the section on the Geothermal Power Control Command Post. Attackers could send the bulk of their army in one way and one or two men the other. The one or two men can take the flag and run back the way they came or meet up with the rest of their army. Either way there is a diversion.

Capture the Flag ModesEdit

See AlsoEdit

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