The Remote Rocket Launcher or Guided Rocket is the Award weapon earned by attaining Demolition (getting 4 rocket launcher critical hits on a vehicle in one life). It is different from the other award weapons in that you can still use the regular rocket launcher along with it. It fires a slender rocket which you then get to control, by steering it as you would a spaceship. The rocket is not easy to steer, and is not very damaging to anything other then vehicles or single enemy units unless the rocket is fully accelerated before impact (note that this uses more fuel though.) It cannot carry much ammo either.

Chewbacca's secondary weapon is a Remote Rocket Lanucher in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

In Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, the Remote Rocket Launcher is renamed the Guided Rocket and is avaibile as a secondary weapon for 45 credits. It can carry four rockets, one loaded and 3 other rockets.


The Remote Rocket Launcher must be unlocked or equiped in the customization screen (depending on which game is being used) to be used.


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