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Character Kota 03

Rahm Kota concept art.

Rahm Kota was an elder human Jedi and general during the Clone Wars who escaped Order 66. During the Jedi Purge he was hunted down by an apprentice of Darth Vader. He believed that the apprentice had a far greater calling than just as Darth Vader's servant.

Rahm Kota was a tough, grizzled general and participant in many combat sorties during the Clone Wars. Prior to joining the Jedi Order Kota fought in the trench warfare that plagued his homeworld. While negotiating a peaceful resolution to a brutal conflict, Mace Windu befriended an 18 year old Kota. Once the mission was a success, Mace sought to bring Kota to Coruscant to begin training in the Jedi arts with Jedi Master Yoda as tutor. Obtaining few friends due to hostility, his courage was known to all, due to the fact he opted for the most hazardous missions. After escaping Order 66, Kota disappeared into the Outer Rim territories.

He carried a green lightsaber.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Kota is voiced by Cully Fredrickson, whose face was used as a model for the character.


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