The Assault Ship is the second level of Star Wars: Republic Commando.

The MissionEdit

"Scorch: You hear that, Sev? Someone thinks I'm excellent.
Sev: Well... At least that makes two of you.
—Scorch and Sev[src]

The Republic Assault Ship Prosecutor appeared on the edge of Republic space after disappearing near the Corellian system. Delta Squad was sent to investigate the circumstances of its return and discover the reason for its disappearance.


Delta Squad's adviser filled the squad in on its mission shortly before they left the LAAT, and after a short spacewalk, the squad was inserted onto the renegade ship, each at a separate insertion point. Boss is inserted into one of the torpedo tubes, where he must find a way to open the torpedo tube's airlock to get into the ship.

After finding and activating the controls, Boss begins his systematic search of the ship. He finds a clone trooper in the torpedo bay, but the clone is killed by a droid of an unknown class (later discovered to be scavenger droids).


"Boss: Did you get the data?
Scorch: They searched me, but I hid the data pretty well.
Boss: Where, exactly?
Scorch: You…don’t want to know.
Boss: Roger that. Delta Squad, move out!
—Scorch and Boss[src]

Boss continues on his merry way, fighting off a couple scavs, as they are quickly known by the commandos, until the first commando is incapacitated. After Scorch falls, Boss quickly requests the remainder of the squad to regroup, where they have the safety of numbers. Boss reaches the rendezvous point, and watches as Sev is slashed by a Trandoshan slaver. Boss quickly notifies Fixer that there are armed Trandos aboard, who acknowledges.

The two commandos meet up later and find Sev after several engagements with Trandoshan slavers, and one nasty entanglement with a Trandoshan heavy mercenary, who carries an ACP Heavy Repeater. They revive Sev and are immediately confronted by another Trando heavy merc, who is quickly cut down by the three commandos.

The detention areaEdit

"Scorch: So let me get this straight...the Trandos have stolen the give to the buy battle droids?
Sev: I hate it when they do that.
—Scorch and Sev[src]

The squad proceeds to the detention area, where they find Scorch. They leave the detention area for the bridge, and find the jammer that had been blocking their communications with the supervisor from the beginning of the mission. The supervisor tells them of the arrival of a Trade Federation battleship and they immediately head back to the elevator to head for the automated weapons systems. They are sidetracked when the Trandos block the elevator at the detention level and ambush them.

The squad takes care of the Trandoshan mercenaries in the immediate vicinity before the supervisor sends them a way out of the detention area, which conveniently includes killing all the Trandoshans inside the cell blocks. Three terminal slices and one exploded charge later, Delta Squad is out of the detention area.

The HangarsEdit

"Hey, I didn’t know Trandoshans could fly!"

The supervisor brings another update of the squad’s condition when the Separatist battlecruiser is detected to be unloading more battle droid dispensers and sending them into the hangar. The squad must destroy the droids inside and find a way to keep the droids from boarding, which is provided by the supervisor shortly after the squad enters the first hangar.

The second hangar is accessed by a normal corridor, but the battle droids are partially deployed by the time Delta Squad gets there, so the challenge of setting the charge to block the entrance of the hangar is more difficult. However, the squad pulls it off and follows a maintenance tunnel to the third hangar.

In the third and final hangar, the droids are fully deployed, with regular battle droids, super battle droids, and destroyer droids all blocking the path to the regulator that must be destroyed to seal the exit. The supervisor orders the squad to hunker down in the back of the hangar while he searched the ships inventory for a list of ordnance that could be of use to the commandos. The supervisor pulled through, raising an AT-TE to the surface of the hangar, allowing Boss access to the top cannon, which cleaned up the droids quickly.


"Fixer: Automated gunnery against a battlecruiser?
Boss: We can give them a black eye at least.
Scorch: We'll make them regret the day they blew up Delta Squad!
—Boss, Fixer, and Scorch[src]

Once the hangars were secured, Delta Squad focused back on their intention of bringing the unmanned gunnery back online. The supervisor informed them of another ship, the RAS Arrestor, which was in the system and enroute.

The squad fought its way through waves of droids to the automated gunnery controls, three consoles that all had to be sliced. The squad took position at the top of a ramp and fought off droids as one or two of their number worked on the consoles as quickly as possible. Once the guns came back online, the battle was basically over, and Delta Squad completed yet another successful mission.

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