Power Facility - Taspir III is a level in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, Jaden Korr and Kyle Katarn receive a distress signal from the Imperial planet of Taspir III, concerning Rosh. Once on the planet, Jaden and Kyle decide to split up to search for Rosh. Jaden, then, has to gain entrance into the power facility to meet up with Kyle. Along the way, Jaden finds that the main walkway hasn't been extended yet, so Jaden finds the controls and extends the bridge to the power facility. Jaden then journeys throughout the exterior trying to get to the main walkway, fighting off Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, and Dark Jedi.

Once Jaden is in the power facility, he/she is confronted by Alora, Tavion's apprentice. She blows a charge, bringing down part of the ceiling to try and block Jaden from progressing. Jaden maneuvers around the debris and makes his/her way through the facility until Jaden finds Rosh. When Jaden finally finds Rosh, Rosh doesn't appear to be captured. Jaden confronts Rosh and is given a choice, kill Rosh and turn to the Dark Side, deactivate his/her lightsaber and stay as a Jedi. Jaden decides to save Rosh and deactivates his/her lightsaber. Alora grows angry and attacks both Jaden and Rosh, cutting of Rosh's left arm. Jaden and Alora then face off, where Jaden finally kills Alora. Finally, after all had taken place, Kyle rushes in to see Rosh lying on the ground. Kyle and Jaden rush to help Rosh to his feet, where Kyle then takes him to get Rosh to a bacta tank. Kyle turns to Jaden and complements him/her on the struggle. Jaden then hurries back to the ship and heads of to Korriban, where Luke Skywalker and a strike team had landed to try and stop Tavion from resurrecting Marka Ragnos.


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