Polis Massa: Medical Facility is a level on Star Wars: Battlefront II. It is playable by all factions (Grand Army of the Republic, CIS, Rebel Alliance, and Galactic Empire).

There are six command posts, appearing in a relative line on the map. The map itself is rectangular in shape, whith the CPs going around three quarters of it. The middle is open space, where organics die quickly unless in tanks. Battle droids, however, can survive in the open area.

In the Rise of the Empire campaign, the 501st Legion must take the Rebel facility. The first objective is to capture a communications center. After that, the player must capture a holodisk and take it back to the communications center, then hold it for a couple minutes. Once that is completed, the player must destroy a Rebel facility, then take a hangar to prevent the Rebels from leaving.


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