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A planet is a spherical group of natural mass which would orbit something like a star.


Planets come in two main types, Terrestrial, which is planets made up of rock, and Gas giants, planets made up of frozen gas and dust which were rarely habitable.

Planets come in many variations.

  • Bespin and Yavin Prime were Gas giants made up of a bunch of layers of frozen gas and dust and rarely were home to any life.
  • Kashyyyk, Thyferra, and Wayland were forest or tropical planets covered in nothing more than thick forests.
  • Geonosis, Tatooine, and Korriban were barren and covered with little more than rock and sand and possesed little to no human life. Though some like Geonosis possesed alien life.
  • Hoth, Rhen Var, Ilum, and Alzoc III were completely frozen and/or in the stage of an Ice Age. They never possesed human life but some possesed some creature life (like Hoth) and alien life (like Csilla and Alzoc III).
  • Coruscant, Bonadan, and Taris were just one huge city and were typically heavily populated.
  • Mustafar, Aeten II, Sullust, Lok, and Shola were volcanic. These planets rarely possed any life or if they did, are extinct (such as the case of Shola), though some posses alien life (like Lok and Sullust)
  • Dagobah and Nal Hutta were nothing but thick swamps. These typically either only have creatures (like Dagobah) wandering about them or posses alien life (like Nal Hutta)
  • Manaan, Bestine IV, Mon Calamari, and Kamino were water worlds completely covered in water. The only life on them is typically in habited islands (like Mon Calamari), floating cities (like Manaan), or both.
  • Some like Kessel, Polis Massa, and Peragus II were just a rock floating in space. These were sometimes just used as prison for prisoners or for mining or other things. Some of these like Peragus II and Polis Massa have no atmosphere.
  • Telos IV, Naboo, Corellia, Dantooine, and Alderaan had numerous landscapes. Like Telos IV had an urban region, a farmland region, and a polar region, while Naboo had underwater cities, swamplands, and urban areas.


For a list of planets see Category - Planets.


All Star Wars Games have some kind of planet appearing in it

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