Peragus II was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. It was the source of low cost fuel for many planetary systems. When it was discovered that the planet was rich in this fuel source, a series of large scale mining facilities were constructed on the surface. As the planet was continually mined it became evident that the fuel was also highly volatile. An accident at one of the mining facilities proved how dangerous the fuel was when it caused a quarter of the planet to explode off into space, exposing the molten core of the planet and creating the Peragus Asteroid Field. This only hindered the production of the fuels as a new mining facility was constructed on one of the larger stable asteroids in the field to collect fuel. While the fuel produced on Peragus damages the engines that it powers, it was still relatively cheaper to acquire due to its location in the Outer Rim.

During the return of the Jedi Exile to Republic space, the Ebon Hawk was piloted to the Peragus Mining Station by a lone astromech droid. Here the Jedi Exile recovered from her wounds and met Kreia as well as Atton Rand. Escaping from the Mining Station in the Ebon Hawk, it was destroyed in the short battle between a Republic Battlecruiser called the Harbinger captured by the Sith and the Ebon Hawk. The resulting explosion caused a chain reaction which destroyed the Peragus Asteroid Field.


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