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"What I remember about the rise of the Empire is... is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip. We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private, traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight back to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word."
—Retired Clone Trooper[src]

Coruscant: Knightfall is the eleventh-to-last mission in Rise of the Empire.


1."Take the council room cp". Start out as any unit, and run for the cp. When you get close enough, Jedi will fall from the roof and the temple guards will get on the turrets. You may use thermal detonators to kill them both, as well as take the command post.

2. "Protect the Archives". The player must not allow the Jedi destroy the Jedi Archives. The player must protect at least one of them for two minutes.

3. "Get the Holocrons" This is tough because any way you go to get it there are tons of Jedi falling from the roof, but once you fight through them get the holocron from the "com room", go back to the gunship, and you can become Anakin Skywalker. After this you must take another holocron from a jedi master, in the star chamber and also take it back to the drop off point at the gunship.

4. "Kill the Three Jedi Masters". The player must kill three Jedi. .

"With the fall of Coruscant and the elimination of the traitorous Jedi, Palpatine's rise to power was complete. In recognition of our service and loyalty to the Emperor, the 501st were placed under the direct command of Lord Vader. Armed with deadly new weapons, blazing new ships, and shining new armor, our presence let the galaxy know that the days of the Old Republic were well and truly over. We were establishing a new era, an era of order and peace."
—Retired Clone Trooper[src]



  • Three Jedi Masters


  • All Jedi in the temple are human.

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