Naboo: Plains was a level on the game Star Wars: Battlefront.

In it, the player can play as all the factions, the GAR, the CIS, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance. This battle was the location of the Battle of Naboo, where the Gungan Army held off the Trade Federation droid army. In the Clone Wars campaign of the game, this is the beginning level, where the player starts off with only four classes, with the Droideka coming in the next level, Naboo: Theed. The level represents the battle in The Phantom Menace film. The player must also destroy lots of droids. The player has to destroy the shield generator on the back on the fambaas, which are destructable command posts. Vehicles on this level are the IFT-X, AAT, STAP, IFT-T, AT-ST, Rebel combat tank, 74-Z speeder bike, and even the native kaadu.


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