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"In the waning months of the Clone Wars, the 501st faced missions critical to the agenda of Chancellor Palpatine. When we arrived at the bombed out ruins of Mygeeto, our Jedi commander believed we had been sent to take out a droid energy collector. What Ki-Adi-Mundi didn't know however was that our unit of the 501st was really after an experimental Mygeetan power source, that the Chancellor wanted for his superlaser. Keeping Mundi in the dark wasn't easy; the Jedi had become increasingly wary of the Chancellor's doings, and were on the lookout for the slightest hint of treachery. Just like the rest of them though, he never caught whiff of what was really going on. Until it was far too late."
—Retired Clone Trooper[src]

Mygeeto: Amongst the Ruins is the second mission in Rise of the Empire.


1. Follow the yellow arrow to the center point on the bridge.

  • Just charge forward down the bridge, but if you can grab an AT-RT and it will help in the next objective.

2. Now capture the cp that is at the top of the steps.

  • If you have the AT-RT use it and walk right up the steps, and once you're there blast the droids. Once all the droids are gone park the AT-RT so that it is facing towards the wall. Jump off the AT-RT and secure the cp.

3. Destroy the particle turrets so that General Mundi and his troops can land.

4. Take out the gate shield generator.

  • This is the chance where you can play as Ki-Adi Mundi; I would advise taking it. Once you're Mundi force leap over the shielded gate and destroy the generator with ease.

5. Now capture that cp it will give us a stronger foot hold.

  • This command is easy with any trooper or the hero, just follow the arrow to the enemy cp and capture it.

6. Destroy the generators that are keeping the crystal chamber guarded.

  • If you are still Ki-Adi Mundi go and destroy the generators with ease. If you are unlucky and Mundi is defeated before you can accomplish this task, take a Jet Trooper and destroy the generators with your EMP Launcher.

7. Destroy the crystal chamber furnace.

  • This task is tricky the pesky droidekas love to kill you. Use your EMP Launcher to blow up the furnace, and have the crystal appear.

8. Take the crystal back to gunship.

  • You may die several times before accomplishing this task. All you have to do is take the crystal away from the chamber and get on to the gunship. To make this grueling task easier take a IFT-X, and this should make the task a lot easier
"The success of the because mission on Mygeeto was something of a revelation for the men of the 501st. Suddenly, we realized that the Jedi could be fooled. And if they could be fooled, they could be killed."
—Retired Clone Trooper[src]



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