Mustafar: Refinery is a level on Star Wars: Battlefront II. The level is based off of the world as seen in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and includes many places seen on the world, including the landing pad where Anakin chokes Padmé, the conference room where the CIS leaders are slaughtered, and the arm where Anakin and Obi-wan fight as its shields flicker and die.

This level is playable by all factions in Galactic Conquest, with either the Grand Army of the Republic fighting the CIS or the Rebel Alliance fighting the Galactic Empire.

Rise of the Empire CampaignEdit

It is also a level in the Rise of the Empire Campaign, both as a space battle and as a ground battle. The ground battle sees the 501st Legion in its new stormtrooper armor fighting a reactivated army of Battle droids. Your main objective in this mission is to destroy the plans to a new battle droid design and kill the leader, a Geonosian named Gizor Delso.


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