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Mission Vao was a fourteen-year-old Twi'lek female who lived on Taris with her Wookiee friend, Zaalbar. She joined Revan in his quest for the Star Forge early on, when Revan helped her find Zaalbar when he was taken captive by the Gamorreans. She also had a brother, Griff Vao.

She was portrayed by Catherine Taber [1][2], also known as Cat Taber.

Mission Vao

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mission was a talkative and confident person, in fact, when Revan revealed his true identity, Mission was the first to have something to say about it, she reacted by saying who Revan was, does not matter, only who Revan currently is.

Mission was also very courageous, like when 3 Black Vulkars were harassing Zaalbar, she charged at them to make them stop.

Mission also loved to tease Zaalbar, like saying he needs to brush his teeth, he needs to put clothes on and saying that he has gray hairs, just like a little sister would normally do.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit


Mission on Korriban during her travels with Revan

Mission was great in both ranged and melee combat, she could use stealth effectively and well known for her computer use, demolitions, stealth, and security skills.

Mission was classified as a Scoundrel, like what Leia Organa called Han Solo in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Scoundrels were masters of stealth but were given lower amount of vitality points but were able to earn more skill points during level-ups than any other class.


Mission Vao ready for combat

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