Mercenary Activity - Tatooine is a level on the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, Jaden Korr is told to stay put and watch the entrance to the docking bay after him and Kyle Katarn spot some mercenary ships in the bay next to theirs. While Jaden sits and waits, Chewbacca enters the docking bay and meets up with Jaden. They both return to the bays, where they are ambushed by mercenaries and their ships are held in place by tractor beams. Jaden must then go and turn off the tractor beams in order for them to leave, but guarding the switches is a Sith Cultist. Jaden slices down the Sith and switches the tractor beam off. Once he and Chewbacca are reunited, Kyle returns from scouting around the local cantina's for information on the Culists and exclaims, "Did I miss something?"

This level is one of four levels the player must complete, as the fifth is optional, in order to gain the rank of Jedi Apprentice.


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