Maris Brood
Maris Brood
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Jedi Order, Great Jedi Purge

Maris Brood was a female Zabrak Jedi who was alive after the time of the Great Jedi Purge, starting 19 BBY. As an infant she was found by the Jedi Order and later taken into training. She was trained as a Jedi by her master on the starship Gray Pilgrim, she was distanced from the rest of the order during the Clone Wars. Due to their isolation, Maris and her master did not oversee the execution of Order 66. Feeling the death of many Jedi, Brood's master set out to discover evidence of their fate. He was able to tell Maris of the destruction of the Jedi and Darth Vader's role in their deaths before going missing. Bent on revenge, she sent out to hunt and destroy Darth Vader. Being intercepted by surviving Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Maris was persuaded away from the dark side of the Force and went into hiding in the forests of Felucia. Later however she was confronted by a secret apprentice of Darth Vader.

She wielded twin green-bladed lightsaber with tonfa shaped hilts.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Leaked Hasbro toy catalogues were the first sources to reveal Maris's name.
  • Her name has since been confirmed by the March issue of Game Informer.
  • A 3.75" Force Unleashed figure by Hasbro shows Maris wielding twin green-bladed lightsabers with tonfa-shaped hilts.
  • Maris Brood was voiced and portrayed by actress Adrienne Wilkinson.


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