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This is a list of vehicles that appear in Star Wars: Demolition. NOTE: Creatures are classed as vehicles in Star Wars Demolition.


Pilot: Wittin Special attack: Ion cannon

Pilot: Wade Vox Special attack: Force attack

Pilot: Aurra Sing Special attack:

Pilot: Pugwis Special attack: Speed boost which rams your enemy

Pilot: Quagga Special attack: Main cannon blast

Pilot: Tia & Ghia Special attack: Harpoon and tow cable which pulls the nearest enemy for a while

Pilot: Boba Fett Special attack: Disintegrator

Pilot: Tamtel Skreej Special attack: Deck-mounted laser cannon

Pilot: Boushh Special attack: Thermal detonator

Pilot: Lobot Special attack: Shadowball

Pilot: Darth Maul clone Special attack: Double-bladed lightsaber


Pilot: General Otto Special attack: Mortal launcher


Pilot: Malakili Special attack: Grab and slam. Rancor picks up enemy and slams it to the ground, creating a shockwave. If no enemy is close enough, it will just raise its hands and cause a shockwave which paralizes nearby enemies for a while

Non-Controllable Vehicles/CreaturesEdit

  • Sandcrawler - travelling around Tatooine - The Dune Sea
  • Sarlacc - in the middle of the desert in The Dune Sea
  • Dragonsnake - can be seen in Dagobah


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