Battlefront SeriesEdit

Medium Assault VehiclesEdit

AAC-1 Hovertank: Black coolant tanks on sides of tank

TX-130S Fighter Tank and TX-130T Fighter Tank: Circle at rear of tanks

AAT: Rear Panel

Armored Tank Droid: Small wheel at the rear of the tank droid

Hailfire Droid: Cylinders beneath the cockpit

NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer: Rear tread cylinder

AT-RT: Cylinder between legs or pilot

Assault WalkersEdit

OG-9 Spider Droid: Where the legs connect to the body

AT-ST: Rear block between legs

Heavy Assault TransportsEdit

AT-TE: Cylindrical area along the underbelly

AT-AT: The neck between body and head

Space VehiclesEdit

LAAT/i Gunship/Aliance Assault Craft: The cockpit

Droid Gunship: The rear panel

Imperial Landing Craft: Lower Neck


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