Lightsaber crystals were small focusing crystals that made the blade how it was. There were different crystals that changed the colors of the blade, and there were different crystals that changed the intensity/quality of the blade, which improved its overall performance.

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedEdit


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In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed various color, type and power crystals can be used to upgrade Starkiller's lightsaber. These crystals are found in Jedi Holocrons hidden throughout the levels.

Color crystalsEdit

  • Gold
  • Gold compressed
  • Gold unstable
  • Purple
  • Purple compressed
  • Purple unstable
  • Green
  • Green compressed
  • Green unstable
  • Red
  • Red compressed
  • Red unstable
  • Yellow
  • Yellow compressed
  • Yellow unstable
  • Blue
  • Blue compressed
  • Blue unstable
  • Black

Power crystalsEdit

  • Ilum combat crystal - No bonus given
  • Rubat combat crystal - Lightsaber attack bonus
  • Lorrdian combat crystal - Increass ability to deflect and reflect blaster bolts
  • Firkraan combat crystal - Lightsaber attack potentially inflicts electrical damage
  • Sigil combat crystal - Lightning based attacks do more damage
  • Ruubaan combat crystal - Force Powers cost less Force points to use
  • Vexxtal combat crystal - Lightsaber attacks have a chance to corrupt opponents with a damaging dark side aura
  • Katak combat crystal - Lightsaber attacks have a chance to siphon health from opponents


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