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Light Side

A depiction of the Light Side of the Force as seen in KotOR

The Light side of the Force was an aspect of the Force used mainly by Jedi. Some specifically light powers were Force heal and Force absorb.

The light side was the aspect of the Force that healed and aided, and was the opposite and counterbalance of the dark side, which was used by Sith and Dark Jedi. Followers of the light side generally used the Force for defense, not attack and did not excercise their powers for their own gain.

==Knights of the Old Republic Games==

Handmaiden is an example of a Light Sided character

In the games in the KotOR series Dark side points and Light side points are earnt, the more points on each side makes using each sides powers cost less force. Affiliation to the light side of the force is often gained by doing verious 'good deeds' like helping people or by simply doing the 'right thing', or the 'good' thing. Offering to spare an enemies life also gains light side points, despite rarely ending in the enemies life being spared.

Light Side Force Powers in the KotOR SeriesEdit



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