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  • Playable Characters: Millenium Falcon
  • Enemies: TIE Interceptor, TIE Fighter


True Jedi at 35,000: This is a huge pain in the butt.  Not only is there a rather small amount of studs to be had, but you will die.  A LOT.  Costing you 2,000 studs every time.  The only way I managed this was to take a X2 multiplier in with me and blast everything on the way out.  Even having next to nothing going in, I made the amount.

Area 1: It's you against four Star Destroyers.  You need to pick up torps from shooting down TIE Bombers, then shoot each of their shield generators to destroy them.  Destroy all four Star Destroyers to move on.

Area 2: You're inside, now.  Press on ahead, blowing up everything you can.  Once you see the torps, you'll need them for up ahead, with four targets flanking a shield gate.  Destroy all of them and move on.

Area 3: You're heading deeper, now.  Take a bunch of torps and press on ahead.  Once you reach the end, you'll find the two targets will fire missiles at you, so blast them quickly.  If you get a missile on you, just keep flying around and it'll eventually self-detonate.  Head into the core.

Area 4: Okay, your task here is to blow up each of the nodes guarding the core along the walls.  If you get too close, you'll bounce off, so keep a distance and wait (slowly) for the nodes to open so you can blow them up.  Once they're all gone, wait in front of the core for it to expose its blue casing, then blast it.  Once that's done, just torp it and boom.  Time to go.  You'll progress back through each of the areas you just went through.  Just keep shooting to clear debris and you should be okay.  Yeeha.

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