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Vehicles: Anakin's Pod

True Jedi at 46,000: This is a little tricky, because you'll have to run into just about everything out here. Just about all the poles and crystals have studs in them, and you need to run into them to scare the studs out.

Area 1: Here's how it goes. Remember the old LSW where it was a bunch of smaller areas and you had to reach a "checkpoint" before time ran out? Not so much, anymore. The whole race is now one big area, and all you have to do is beat Sebulba to the end. That said, it's still a wild and fast race, with lots of hazards, so you still have to stay awake. Hit the boost pads whenever you can to get an edge. Also, if you blow up, you'll simply start where you were at, not the beginning of the "checkpoint".

  • The first lap is relatively tame, except for the big canyon, where you'll

have Tusken Raiders gunning down at you. Try to avoid their shots to take as little damage as possible.

  • In the second lap, the path switches after a crash, so you'll need to

navigate a new area, although there isn't much else new to it.

  • In the final lap, the big canyon has rocks in addition to shots firing.

These rocks won't destroy you (like they used to), but they will slow you down.

New Vehicles: Anakin's Pod Sebulba's Pod: 20,000

New Characters: Watto: 16,000 Pit Droid: 4,000

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