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Invasion of Naboo is a level in the game LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. It is based on the events in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, during the proposed meeting between the Viceroy and the "ambassadors".


  • Area 1: Your path is straight ahead. Droids, Gungans, and others will
migrate across your path from the left to the right.  Some of the droids 
will decide to mix it up with you, so oblige them.  Eventually, you'll come 
upon a fallen tree.  Force it up to be able to move on.  Next, a droid 
transport will be blocking your path.  Use the Force on the lit-up part of 
it several times to make it explode.  Continue on and you'll find Jar Jar 
stopping to smell the flowers.  With him in tow, head up the stone steps.  
The mob will cease at this point, so continue to the next area.
  • Area 2: Force the Gungan face into a bridge, then cross. Switch to Jar Jar
on the other side, then use his high double jump to reach the top of the 
stone, dropping it down to your level.  This will uncover a mechanism that 
you will need to use the Force on to lower another platform.  Switch back to 
Jar Jar and hop on three more platforms.  You'll have to leave that green 
circle for later, as you don't have any bounty hunters.  Press on to the 
right and the exit.
  • Area 3: Remove the Force-sensitive blocks above you to release a ramp.
Climb up and fight your way along to the swamp area and beyond to a second 
swamp.  Switch to Jar Jar and have him jump up to the high ledge, following 
the stud trail.  At the end, he can stand on a darker stone to make it sink, 
revealing the passage to the next area.
  • Area 4: There's not much to this area except to press straight ahead and
follow the stud arrow into the water to finish the mission.


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