Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Cerean Jedi Master and part of the Jedi council. He was also a general during the Clone Wars and led an attack force of clone troopers to Mygeeto, where he was killed when Order 66 was initiated.


Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

In Battlefront II he is a playable hero character on Mygeeto and in Mos Eisley Hero Assault mode. Despite looking a lot like Obi-Wan, he is actually a lot closer to Aayla Secura: both possess lightsaber throw and Force Pull instead of more common (and useful) Force Push and have slower, but far more damaging melee damage than usual. Like all Jedi, he has Force Speed and Double Jump, can block attacks with his lightsaber by pressing F (crouching while doing that will execute combat roll) and has a downward slash attack actgivated by left-clicking during double jump.

He has a uniquely bad moveset, though, with attacks being powerful, but difficult to hit with, especially the combat roll-lightsaber attack that seems to occur 25% of the time you attack. As such, he is effectively the weakest Jedi in the game, which is reflected in his total lack of recorded dialogue (he doesn't even have mutterings like Chewbacca), something every other hero has.

Other appearancesEdit

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