Kamino: Cloning Facility is a level on Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Kamino: Cloning Facility is basically an upgrade of Kamino: Tipoca City, the original Star Wars: Battlefront level. The Battlefront II level adds another building to the cloning facility, and also changes the layout of the original facility.

The platforms are basically the same, with a few minor changes, such as platforms that lead to overlooks, but do not really go anywhere other than the overlook, some of which have turret positions.

In the Rise of the Empire campaign, the 501st Legion attacks the facility, which was producing rogue clones for use against the Galactic Empire. The 501st must steal a copy of the genetic code, destroy the facility's main computer database of cloning information, and destroy two LAAT/i transports carrying the Kaminoan clonemasters before they retreat and cause trouble in other sectors of the galaxy.


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