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"…There is no truth in the Force. But there is truth in you, Exile. And that is why I chose you."

The Jedi Exile is the protagonist and primary playable character in Obsidian Entertainment's 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, sequel to the 2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. At the time of the game's release, the character was known only as the "Jedi Exile," and had no official name or gender, and players are required to customize these at the outset of the game along with the Exile's attributes, class, and abilities.

Powers and abilities Edit

"You are a cipher, forming bonds, leeching the life of others, siphoning their will and dominating them. [...] You are a breach that must be closed. You transmit your pain, your suffering through the Force. Within you we see something worse than the teachings of the Sith. What you carry may mean the death of the Force… and the death of the Jedi."
—Vrook Lamar[src]

The Exile, at first, was a Force user of average ability. At a young age she demonstrated an unusual ability to easily form connections with others, forming bonds through the Force that caused her to influence those around her, though she was largely unaware of this ability. After reconnecting with the Force, this ability became even stronger. Simply by observing another in action, the Exile could instantly learn techniques and battle stances that would take a Jedi Master years to perfect. She was able to gain greater power through all the deaths she caused, which, as the Jedi Council believed, was a result of her being a "wound" in the Force.

The Exile was also fluent in droidspeak.


"You were always a difficult one to read—both when you were tied to the Force, and even more when it was lost to you."
Zez-Kai Ell[src]

The ramifications of the Exile's actions were still being felt throughout the galaxy nearly 4,000 years after the defeat of Kreia. The Jedi she trained would go on to resurrect the decimated Jedi order into a body that would number thousands until Palpatine's great purge. Furthermore, the actions she took on Dantooine, Onderon, and Telos would ensure the solidification of a republic that had been teetering on collapse, and prolong its existence for several thousand more years. Whether this ultimately proved to have positive or negative effect was certainly a subject of debate among historians for centuries to come. Whatever the result, it is undeniable that the Exile was an extraordinary example of a single individual upon which the fate of the Galaxy, for albeit a brief time, pivoted.

Post-game DevelopmentsEdit

Establishment of CanonicityEdit


2004 Game LaunchEdit


Artwork depicting a lightside male Jedi Exile.


Artwork depicting a darkside male Jedi Exile.

Kotor2 Prima Guide

Official Prima Strategy Guide depiction of a male Exile.

Kotor2 Prima DVD

Prima DVD portraying the Exile as a male.

Sith Lords Manual Page 1

Game manual depiction of lightside Exile.

Sith Lords Manual Page 19

Game manual depiction of darkside Exile.

"We have all but destroyed the Jedi Knights. The Old Republic is crippled. They can do nothing to stop us now.
"But there is one thing standing in our way.
"One last Jedi who has yet to choose his true role in the galaxy. If he joins us on the path to darkness, those who fight alongside him will follow. But if he takes the path of a Jedi, those who join him will feel the vengeance of the darkside.
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Official Trailer

At the time of the game's release, the character was known only as the "Jedi Exile," and had no official name or gender, and players were required to customize these at the outset of the game along with the Exile's attributes, class, and abilities. [1]

Leading up to and including the game's launch, however, the Jedi Exile was depicted in all official promotional materials and artwork as a male character. Examples of these include the official Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords trailer shown in television ads as well as the Xbox and PC games,[2]  promotional artwork released on the official game website, artwork in the Xbox and PC game manuals,  as well as artwork in the Official Prima Strategy Guide and Official Prima Strategy Guide DVD.

These depictions, with no corresponding artwork portraying a female Exile, resulted in a number of fans inferring that the Jedi Exile was canonically male.[3] However, despite Obsidian's demonstrated original vision of a male Exile, the Jedi Exile's gender, name, class, and abilities, as well as the canonical ending to "The Sith Lords" remained officially undetermined as per the Holocron continuity database.

2006 Establishment of CanonEdit
"We've avoided anything concrete about the canon ending. The only reason why we decided on a canon gender for the Revan and the exile was out of editorial necessity."
— Leland Chee

In 2006, Daniel Wallace released his Star Wars reference work entitled "The New Essential Guide to Droids". Although his work was only about droids in the Star Wars universe, Wallace was able to weigh in on the Jedi Exile's gender by using female nouns and pronouns in three instances when referring to specific droids' interaction or association with the Exile as listed below:

"G0-T0 soon became mixed up with an exiled Jedi Knight and her mission to destroy the Sith Lords."
—from the entry on the G0-T0 droid, p. 25[src]
"Five standard years later, T3-M4 appeared aboard the abandoned freighter Ebon Hawk, where he fell into the company of the heroine known only as the Jedi Exile."
—from the entry on the T3 droid, p. 37[src]
"Five years after the Star Forge incident, HK-47 teamed up with the heroine known as the Jedi Exile to battle a trio of Sith Lords."
—from the entry on the HK assassin droid, p. 107[src]

On the basis of these references, Wallace established the gender of the Jedi Exile as female, and this was accepted into the official Holocron canon.

In November 2006 [1], when questioned about the canonicity of the ending to Knights Of The Old Republic II:The Sith Lords, Leland Chee, as quoted above, explained that the reason for settling on a canonical gender for the Jedi Exile was editorial necessity for the ever-increasing Expanded Universe novels and works.

Although in his book Wallace referred to the Exile as a heroine, and normally thus canonizing her alignment as light side, Leland Chee rejected that as being canonical at the time stating that nothing concrete about the ending or anything else had been set aside from the gender of the Exile.

2008 and beyondEdit


In the book Revan, a book which tied in to 2011's The Old Republic MMO, the Exile's name was revealed to be Meetra Surik, though she is not referred to as such in the game itself.


Also in the book Revan, the eponymous character and the Exile join forces with a Purebred Sith Lord, known as Scourge, to kill the Sith Emperor. Scourge and the Exile distract the Sith forces while Revan confronts the Emperor directly and engages him in warfare. Once they feel that Revan is secure from outside forces, they run in to join him.

During the battle, Scourge has a vision of a young Jedi, the Jedi Knight of The Old Republic, who will strike the Emperor down. At this point, Scourge realizes he needs to be in a position to help the future knight. With this thought in mind, he stabbed the Exile in the back with his lightsaber and betrayed Revan, whom the Emperor conquered and locked in stasis.

The Exile did not move on and become one with the Force, however. Instead, the Exile continued to aid Revan as he mentally battled the Emperor and swayed his thinking, until the Exile was able to contact the Republic forces and guide them to rescue Revan from the Sith. After which, she released her hold on the world and became one with the Force.


The Jedi Exile was a female Human General of the Mandalorian Wars who fought under Revan.

She also attained the rank of Jedi Knight during this time, though the circumstances (i.e. when, by who and on what authority…) are unknown. Under Revan's order, the Exile activated the Mass Shadow Generator at the Battle of Malachor V, destroying much of the Republic fleet, but obliterating the Mandalorians. From this incident, the Exile cut herself off from the Force. She was the only one of Revan's Jedi to return to the Jedi Council for judgment, and was exiled by them. The Exile also survived the First Jedi Purge and eventually proved essential to the reconstruction of the Jedi Order. It was the Exile who ended the Sith triumvirate of the Sith Lords Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Traya, ending that threat to the Jedi Order. After defeating Traya, the Exile departed off to the Unknown Regions in search of Revan.

The Exile started her training as a Padawan at the Academy on Dantooine, prior to the Mandalorian Wars. It is not known who she trained under during her tenure, but it is known that she received some degree of instruction under Master Kavar, a member of the Jedi Council.

Mandalorian WarsEdit

"When you returned to us, we saw what had happened. You carry all those deaths at Malachor within you, and it has left a hole, a hunger that cannot be filled."
Vrook Lamar[src]

The Exile was a Human Jedi Padawan at the Dantooine academy. Before the Exile could begin her trials to become a Knight and take on her own apprentice, the Mandalorian Wars surged through the galaxy. The Exile, who had overwhelming compassion for the lives lost on the Outer Rim, was soon lured to battle and joined Jedi Knight Revan's forces after being personally recruited by Malak himself; leaving a prospective Padawan, Mical, without a master.

The Exile served as a general directly under Revan and Malak during the Mandalorian Wars, and also unoffically became a Jedi Knight (probably self-assumption or one of the few Masters promoted her). Overseeing the final battle at Malachor V, she gave the order to activate the Mass Shadow Generator. She watched silently from the bridge of her command ship as the generator crushed both the Republic and Mandalorian forces caught in its destructive wake. The ensuing death and destruction caused such a substantial "wound in the Force" that the shock would have killed the Exile had she not severed herself from the Force. The only Jedi under Revan able to turn away from the dark side after Malachor V, she was also the only Jedi to willingly returned to Coruscant and face trial for her actions—and also to defend them.

Despite an impassioned plea, the Jedi High Council decreed that because she had followed Revan to war, she was to be cast out of the Jedi Order. In reality, the Council feared the "wound" in the Force that surrounded her. Some on the council felt that they were punishing the Exile not because of what she did, but because she was symbolic of the many Jedi that had fallen to the dark side over the course of history. These council members, most noteably Jedi Master Zaz-Kai El, felt that she was the perfect opportunity to examine why and how so many Jedi fall to the dark side. More conservative council members, such as Master Atris, felt no need to do more than exile the former Jedi.

Full details of the Exile's adventures in the Outer Rim are unknown, but it is known that Atris had orchestrated the Exile's return to known space. In order to trick the Sith into revealing themselves, she leaked her return to the galaxy and, predictably, attracted the Sith's attention.

Post-Jedi Civil WarEdit

"And now you run in search of the Jedi. They are all dead. Save one, and one broken Jedi cannot stop the darkness that is to come."
Darth Sion to Kreia[src]

The Exile's return to the Republic space occurred in 3,951 BBY, in a time where Revan had vanquished Malak and the last of the Jedi were hunted and persecuted. The Harbinger, a Republic cruiser bound to Onderon, suddenly received an order to abort the trip and head to the Outer Rim instead. The Exile's description was included, and she was requested to be given status as a diplomatic passenger and escorted to Telos IV.

When the Harbinger had the Exile on board, they were ambushed by a Sith warship. Then the Ebon Hawk, a small freighter that once had played a major role in the Jedi Civil War, rescued her from an unappealing fate. With the help of the utility droid T3-M4, the Exile was taken care of, and the Ebon Hawk was guided to the Peragus Mining Facility. When the Exile woke up from her stupor in the mining facility, she found an old woman left for dead named Kreia (who, as she later found out, was a mysterious Jedi Master exiled by the Council because of her many failed apprentices— Revan included — and who later guided the Exile through her journey to find the missing Jedi Masters who sentenced her to exile). They found the facility to be completely abandoned, except for malfunctioning mining droids. To add to the mystery, the Exile's Force connection slowly began to return. While searching for a way off the station, the Exile found Atton Rand, a man imprisoned within the brig. After Darth Sion and a group of Sith Assassins arrived on the Harbinger, intending to kill the Exile (believing she was the last of the Jedi), the three escaped with T3-M4 onboard the Ebon Hawk, traveling to Telos, finding it to be the only available destination in the Peragus navigational charts. While being pursued by the Sith in the asteroid field around Peragus, laser fire ignited the volatile fuel within the asteroids. The resulting explosion destroyed both the facility and the planet itself, though the Ebon Hawk and the Sith onboard the Harbinger were able to escape.

After arriving at the massive Citadel Station in orbit around Telos, the Ebon Hawk and T3-M4 were stolen and brought to the Telosian surface while the Exile and her crew were held for questioning in the Peragus explosion. After Republic investigations proved their innocence, they utilized alternative transportation to get down to the surface, where they were shot down by Czerka air-defense turrets. A Zabrak engineer named Bao-Dur, who had designed the Mass Shadow Generator and served under the Exile at Malachor V, saw the crash and pulled the three unharmed from the wreckage. While on the surface, they learned that the Ebon Hawk had been taken to the old planetary aqueducts in the polar region of the planet. Stealing a shuttle from an abandoned military compound, they traveled to the aqueducts and found Atris there, a member of the Council that sentenced the Exile. Atris was attempting to recover lost Jedi teachings and had surrounded herself with several Echani sisters. These sisters, known as Handmaidens, had vowed not to learn the ways of the Jedi. After a heated debate over what the Jedi should have done during the Mandalorian Wars with Atris, the Exile and her party left with the Ebon Hawk and T3-M4.

The Lost JediEdit

"But she may never discover the truth, and never know why we cast her out."
"Then that is the future we must accept.
—Lonna Vash and Vrook Lamar[src]

After leaving the academy, T3-M4 revealed that he had managed to download Atris's database while being held, including a recording of the Exile's trial and records of where the last five remaining Jedi Masters were hiding: Atris on Telos, Kavar on Onderon, Vrook Lamar on Dantooine, Zez-Kai Ell on Nar Shaddaa, and Lonna Vash on Korriban. Coincidentally (although Kreia believed otherwise), these were the same five Jedi on the council that cast the Exile out of the Order. The crew went off to these worlds in search of the Jedi in an attempt to unite them against the Sith and to find the answers as to why the Exile was sentenced as such.

During her travels she managed to 'stabilize' the political conditions on several planets: She helped Khoonda on Dantooine against Azkul on the First Battle of Dantooine, helped Queen Talia against Vaklu's insurrection, and helped the Refugees on Nar Shaddaa. She proceeded to destabilize the Exchange's operations on the moon by killing the crime lords Saquesh and Visquis and by destroying G0-T0's yacht. G0-T0 went along with the Exile in hopes of stabilizing the Galaxy.

Also during her adventure, the Jedi Exile met many beings that would eventually be her companions. Many of these companions were discovered to be Force-sensitive and the Exile trained them in the ways of the Force. The Jedi that the Exile trained would eventually recreate the Jedi Order, and so the Exile was responsible for the rebuilding of the Order.

In the process, Nihilus had sent his apprentice, Visas Marr to assassinate the Exile. However, she was able to redeem Visas and accept her in their company.

With Visas gained as an ally, the Exile knew she couldn't hide her presence for long. With Kreia's guidance, the Exile assumed the rank of Jedi Master and undertook the training of one of the rank's prestige classes.

"Step away from her! [...] She brought you truth, and you condemn it? The arrogance!"

After locating and conversing with all of the remaining Jedi Masters (except for Lonna Vash, whom the Exile found dead at the hands of Darth Sion), the Exile returned to Dantooine to find the rebuilt Jedi Enclave. There, Masters Vrook, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell had formed a council in which they would decide her fate. Right after they re-established her exile and just before the Masters could ultimately strip her of the Force, Kreia stormed into the meeting to save the Exile at the last moment. The Exile, still under her stasis state established by the Masters, was left helpless to defend them as Kreia put the Jedi Masters through the same suffering the Exile had felt on Malachor V, leaving them not only dead, but void of the Force.

After she left, the Exile finally regained her strength and departed for Telos IV to find Kreia, now re-established as Darth Traya. There the Exile was forced to confront Atris at the secret academy. After she defeated her, the Exile was able to persuade Atris to forgive her and help her see the folly of her beliefs. Atris then told the Exile that Traya had fled to Malachor V to wait for her there for a final confrontation. Atris then told her that she was no longer a Jedi and would go into exile and try to find understanding. Shortly thereafter, the Exile participated in the Battle of Telos IV and faced Darth Nihilus aboard the Ravager to keep him from destroying Telos, which he was doing to fuel his need and hunger for the Force. With the assistance of Visas Marr, who was a former apprentice to Nihilus, and Mandalore with his Mandalorians, the Exile defeated him and headed to Malachor V.

After crashing on the surface of Malachor, the Exile proceeded to the Trayus Academy, where she battled the Sith assassins and confronted Darth Sion himself. After persuading Sion to let go of his hatred, which caused Sion to finally succumb to his numerous injuries and expire, she confronted and tried to redeem Kreia, who had revealed her true identity as a Sith Lord. But Kreia would not have it; though she was somewhat warmed by the thought that her former pupil would still care enough to try and "save" her from the dark side, she vowed that this confrontation could only end in death, and that if the Exile would not fight her, she would break her as she did Sion. After a fierce but short battle, the Exile severed Kreia's remaining hand, as well as their Force bond in a single stroke. Traya hissed at her to finish her, but even after all the evil things Kreia had done, to her, the order, and the galaxy, she chose the path of the Jedi and spared the wounded Sith Lord.

Rather than accept mercy, Kreia became enraged and continued to battle by animating three lightsabers to do battle for her with the Force, until the Exile had no choice but to strike her down and finish it once and for all. In her final moments, Kreia gave the Exile information about Revan's location in the Unknown Regions and about the future fates of the Exile's allies and the planets they had visited. Shortly after this exchange, Bao-Dur's remote reactivated the Mass Shadow Generator in order to completely destroy the planet. The crew of the badly damaged Ebon Hawk retrieved the Exile and escaped the planet.

Alternative storylineEdit

Following the tradition of the first KotOR game, the aforementioned light side story is assumed to be canonical. According to Leland Chee as of February 21, 2006, an official decision on this had not yet been reached. However, the New Essential Guide to Droids clearly defines the Exile as the "heroine" in articles about HK-47, G0-T0, and T3-M4. Also, the book says the Malachor V was destroyed, which only happens in the light side story.

The alternate dark side story differs in the fates of the planets Exile visits (Onderon is usurped by Vaklu, Dantooine is captured by Azkul and his mercenaries, Telos becomes a world of machines due to its Czerka takeover, and Malachor V remains intact), as well as one party member (Hanharr joins the player's party instead of Mira). Additionally, the Exile kills the Jedi Masters herself upon visiting each planet, rather than having them converge on Dantooine. She instead speaks with Kreia alone there, before Kreia strikes her down and goes to Malachor V. The Exile also kills Atris upon defeating her after the Dantooine encounter.

Kreia's prediction of the Jedi Exile's companions also change, due to her falling to the dark side.


"I do know that you must leave him behind. The same choice that Revan made: where you are destined, you must not take anyone you love."
Darth Traya[src]

Atton RandEdit

"So, uh, how long have you been a Jedi? Must be tough, you know... no family, no husband..."
Atton Rand[src]

Meeting the Jedi Exile when she first walks into his holding cell area in nothing but her underwear, it was an instant attraction for Atton. After she helped him escape and communicated the utility droid, T3-M4, Atton comments that it must be tough considering how she cannot have a family or husband.

After being blackmailed by Kreia, Atton sticks around the Exile during her mission to find the lost Jedi Masters. Going as far to ask one of the Exile's other companions, Bao-Dur, if he had any chance with the Exile. Bao-Dur does not make a comment at the request and continues his mechanical work on the ship.

Things got more complicated for Atton when the crew landed on Dantooine and the Exile found her prospective Padawan from years before, Mical. Their relationship, though completely friendly, enraged Atton with jealousy, causing Atton to lash out at Mical whenever he simply offered to help. When the bounty hunter Mira joined the crew of the Ebon Hawk, she first noticed Atton's close attention of the Exile and Mical, and even coming close to figuring out his secret.

Eventually, Atton confessed to the Exile after she ran into a pair of Twi'leks on Nar Shaddaa who claimed that Atton was not Atton at all. Atton confessed that he was shown the Force by a woman whom he fell in love with but then killed her for crawling inside his head. With that, the Exile trained Atton as a Jedi.


"He cannot help but love you, in his way. It is a pure, ideal love he holds, strengthened by your presence and your actions."
Darth Traya[src]

Mical, or simply the Disciple, knew the Exile from since she was part of the Jedi Order, before the Mandalorian Wars. As a student in the Jedi Order who needed a master, Mical wanted the Exile to be his master above all else. However, when the Exile left for the Mandalorian Wars, Mical was left without a master and thus left the order to work with the Republic as historian and scientist. While investigating the ruins on Dantooine, ten years after the Mandalorian War, he met the Exile again. Though at first he denied knowing her, he confessed that the Exile did know him from long ago. The Exile regretted causing such a rift in Mical's future and so trained him as Jedi.

Of course while traveling with the Exile, Mical found himself at odds with the pilot Atton Rand. Both seemingly desired the Exile, although Mical's love was more of admiration of her strength and leadership, and heightened by her beauty. When the Exile attempted to isolate herself after meeting with the three Masters on Dantooine and learning the truth about her powers, Mical sought her out and reassured her, saying that he did not agree with the Council, and that he and the others were there by their own choice.

Darth SionEdit

"I hate you because you crawl within my head as she does, but your presence holds no thoughts, no teachings, you are just... there, unspoken. I hate you because you are beautiful to me. And in that weakness lies death."

After stalking the Exile for so long, the Lord of Pain grew attached to her, practically falling in love, although he knew that this just weakened him. When the Exile came to Korriban in search of Master Lonna Vash, Sion had his deadly assassins stalk her through the Korriban Academy. However, after Sion confronted her himself, he called off his assassins and allowed her to escape.

Later, while on Malachor V, Sion confronted the Exile again and told her of his love for her (though he could not describe it exactly) and knew she must fall if he is to remain strong. Sion gave the Exile a choice; either return to the surface of Malachor and let the planet take her life, or he would kill her himself, as either death would be far more merciful than what Traya had in store for her should she fail. However, neither Sion nor the Exile was willing to back down, and they battled. After being struck several times the Exile finally convinced him that his struggle was futile, and he surrendered his life. His last words were to tell her that she was Kreia's ultimate weakness, just as she had been his.

Visas MarrEdit

"It is good that you have never wondered what lay beneath her robes, if her alabaster skin was as white and unblemished as her face. Or if perhaps she bore the scars of slavery… and if that would stir you more. Perhaps her deferent tone would change once you held her by the throat, and showed her how far a Jedi can fall."

While Visas and the Exile became close as friends and allies during their journey, in their appearance in TSL video game, Visas developed feelings for, and fell in love with the Exile if the player was male.

From the moment Visas sensed the Exile across space, she recognized that there was someone in the universe who felt the same spiritual emptiness that she felt, someone who had suffered and lost everything they had ever loved, just as she had. But it wasn't until she had challenged the Exile, and was spared, that she came into his service.

After being shown mercy, she pledged her life to serve him without hesitation, so that she might come to understand how he could go on when he carried so much pain within him. She made it her personal mission to help him and protect him until he would be ready to fight her master, Darth Nihilus, but this fervent loyalty came at much to the disapproval of Kreia, and Brianna the Handmaiden.

A rivalry for the Exile's affections boiled over at one point, when Brianna confronted Visas in her quarters on the Ebon Hawk. Brianna was suspicious of her Sith nature, and perhaps even a little jealous that the Exile had welcomed her into their group without hesitation, and was spending time with her as well. Visas quelled her outrage by confessing that she wished only to serve and protect him, just as Brianna did, and that she could "see" from her movements that she was growing to care for him. Visas then hinted at her own feelings, when before Brianna left, she asked her to describe what the Exile looked like. With her species lacking eyes and her Force vision somewhat damaged in unexplained ways, she wanted to know more and more about him.

For the most part Visas kept these feelings to herself, but when Brianna left the group to take Kreia before Atris, she realized that soon they would be forced to confront her old master, and she suddenly began to fear losing him. She came to the Exile and opened her heart to him, begging him to stay with her and not fight. The Exile told her that he couldn't turn away from this battle, but before they arrived at Telos they shared an intimate moment, using their shared Force Vision to "see" each other.

Eventually Visas was left behind by the Exile, as he traveled into the unknown regions he could not take anyone he cared for with him. However the love she had felt finally helped her to heal her spirit, and make peace with her past. She vowed that she would always wait for him to return, and that if he would not, she would continue loving him for the rest of her life.


"I have heard that Jedi sometimes renounce the code by loving another, and fall from the Order. And there are others who keep such unions secret.”
"I think the term is, 'pulling a Bindo'.
Brianna and the Jedi Exile.[src]

While it is assumed that like in their video game appearance in TSL's that the Jedi Exile and Brianna parted ways relatively early at Telos IV, their story took a much different turn if the Jedi Exile was a man.

Before the Ebon Hawk departed from the hidden Jedi enclave of Telos, Jedi Master Atris ordered her servant Brianna to sneak aboard the ship supposedly to assist the Exile in finding and uniting the lost Jedi against the hidden Sith threat. After revealing she had stowed away onboard the ship, the Jedi Exile accepted her onboard for the journey, much to the annoyance of Kreia and Atton.

Through talking, sparring, and witnessing many acts of his good nature, Brianna began to question if Atris had been wrong in her judgment of the Exile. She sought to understand him, in hopes that she might understand the choices her mother and father had made, and why she had started having doubts about the path she had chosen. After three duels with the Exile Brianna declined to continue their training, explaining that repeated duels had a very significant meaning in Echani culture, and she did not want to break her vow to Atris by allowing their friendship from becoming anything more.

This changed however, when the Exile told her that because her mother had been the Jedi Master Arren Kae, that she too had the potential to become a Jedi. Faced with this new information, Brianna made the difficult choice of forsaking her oaths like her parents had done before her, and pledged herself to the Exile's teachings. There was no question that this bond made them grow closer, and at times Brianna found herself at odds with Visas Marr, who was also falling for him.

Her feelings towards the Exile and her strong passions worked against her in the end; when tricked into believing that the Exile had been killed by Kreia, she was tricked into bringing her before Atris to be punished. However Atris had already been corrupted by the dark side, and now seething with jealousy she attacked Brianna, nearly killing her with several attacks of Force Lightning, until the Exile arrived and saved her. With her oaths to Atris and her sisters no longer valid, she re-pledged herself to the Exile instead, vowing to stay by his side for as long as he would need her. Their alliance would be short lived; when the Jedi Exile left for the unknown regions he had to leave everyone he cared about behind him, as Revan had done before him. Though it would seem they were destined never to meet again, she would eventually take up the role of Jedi Chronicler and would teach many Padawans about the Jedi who had given up the Force, and became better for it.


If the Exile was male, it was strongly implied that Atris held feelings for him prior to his departure for the Mandalorian Wars—and even after his exile. It seemed that having someone she cared about turn away from the path of the Jedi shook her deeply, and contributed to her fall to the dark side. After Brianna defeats her sisters, Atris confronts her and tortures her with Force Lightning, out of jealousy. When the Exile defeats Darth Traya and asks her about Atris, Traya confirms that Atris indeed had feelings for the Exile.


  • When TSL's game was released, the character called the Jedi Exile had no name, because the player is prompted to create one, or select a randomly generated identity at the start of the game. Because of this, in game characters only refer to her as "The Exile". However, as noted above, her name as revealed in the book Revan, is Meetra Surik, even though she is only referred to as the Force Spirit, or as a friend by the two characters who comment on her appearance.
  • As stated by Kreia in KOTOR II, Revan and the Jedi Exile are ironically described being total opposites, namely; Revan being called "the heart of the Force", while The Exile was called "the death of the Force".
  • Just like in the first game, the random name generator has some Easter egg names, like Lann Darth.
  • Although the player has the choice on what type and color the lightsaber is that Atris takes out during their conversation at the Telos Academy, if the player declines to talk about the lightsaber after Peragus, the default lightsaber is a single-bladed cyan-colored lightsaber.
  • Although the character's canon allegiance (dark/light side) has not been stated precisely, she is called a "heroine" in the New Essential Guide to Droids, which many fans believe shows that she is a light-sider. This is backed up by the fact that, as of the release of The Sith Lords, every canon game ending has been the light side version.
  • Very similar to the Exile's lightsaber color before her exile, the player has a choice on what color their lightsaber will be after their new one is built (provided they have a crystal of the desired color). If the player chooses to set no color for their lightsaber crystal then it is set, by default, green.


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