Janice Nall is a non-player character in KotOR. Janice Nall had a store in the Droid Tower in the city of Taris. She sold droids and droid parts to the character. Janice made T3-M4 and T3-H8.

Janice Nall

Janice Nall

Other Items SoldEdit

  • Repair Kit- 25 credits
  • Computer Spike- 250 credits
  • Parts- 200 credits
  • Droid Light Plating Type 1- 75 credits
  • Droid Light Plating Type 2- 150 credits
  • Basic Targeting Computer- 500 credits
  • Sensor Probe- 500 credits
  • Computer Probe- 500 credits
  • Security Interface Tool- 500 credits
  • Environment Shield Level 1- 2,800 credits
  • Oil Slick- 1,500 credits
  • Stun Ray- 700 credits
  • Shield Disruptor- 700 credits

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