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Jana Lorso was a Czerka Corporation executive who worked for the Telos IV Citadel Station Czerka branch circa 3,956 BBY. Lorso oversaw Czerka's involvement in the Telos Restoration Project after Saul Karath bombarded the planet. She was highly disliked by her own employees and the mercenaries that she hired for protection of her office, which eventually led to one of them giving up credentials to the Ithorians on the station so they could steal B-4D4.

Lorso's interference with the Telos project was not looked upon by the Ithorians who ran the project with satisfaction. Their leader, Chodo Habat, hired the Jedi Exile to deal with Czerka three times. The first time, the Exile dealt with Czerka mercenaries inside the docking bay, securing an information droid to replace one that had mysteriously vanished. The second time, she stole B-4D4 and essential Czerka documents from the mainframe, right under Lorso's nose. Finally, the Exile and her companions helped the Ithorians when Lorso sent her mercenaries to invade the Ithorian compound.

Lorso would also be responsible for the luring in of three bounties. One was a man named Batono, a former Czerka employee who wanted to expose her and Czerka's crimes to the Telosian Council, though Lorso threatened to silence him if he spoke. When she told the Exile that he spent time with the Ithorians, the Exile brought Batono in to the station authorities. Batono helped expose Lorso and Czerka's crimes. Before Batono was brought in, she hired two wanted fugitives—a Devaronian and a Rodian—to the surface of Telos where the Exile would confront and kill them later when she was forced to the surface in search of the Ebon Hawk. After the Exile left the station finally, Lorso and Czerka were forced to leave as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Exile can side with Czerka and Jana Lorso if the player wishes to play on a darker path. This alternate story includes missions for Jana Lorso, like bringing in credits from the droid technician Opo Chano, stealing the Ithorians' protocol droid, and rescuing Lorso from her own mercenaries.

Later in the game's "dark side" path, Lorso was supposed to take control of the station thanks to the Exile's actions on the station and Onderon. Time constraints forced Obsidian to remove this event from the game.


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